Wednesday 27 March 2013

Easter at Gardens by the Bay

My colleagues and I went to Gardens by the Bay last Friday for our Healthy Lifestyle as part of our Ministry's plan to encourage work-life balance.

With some of my colleagues at Gardens by the Bay

We bought the tickets for the 2 domes at $18 per person (Passion card members have 10% discount) and decided to visit the Flower Dome first.

Flower Dome

We were greeted by hundreds of trees, cactuses and even plants that pretended to be dead. So weird ain't it?

Weird plants that look like pebbles (left) or dead (right)!

After a while, I was starting to wonder if they made a mistake with the nameof the dome. Where were all the flowers? I mean, I like trees but I'm not a super big fan of them. I only like cactuses because they are the only plants who don't die on me!

And then we made a turn at a junction and there they were!

Beautiful hydrangeas arrangement on one of the viewing platforms in the Flower Dome

I may not look like it but I really love flowers. I love to admire them, smell them and even paint them!

Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers
The only rose among the thorns, literally
Really pretty pink/purple flowers, have no idea what's they're called
White orchid (left) and white lilies (right)

All my favourite flowers in one place! So pretty! =)

And since Easter is coming up, they were preparing the dome with cute Easter eggs and bunnies.

Super cute Easter decoration
Love the wooden chair (left) and beautiful giant-size "bird cage" (right)

Not everyone was as excited about flowers as I was so we were ready to move on to the next dome, Cloud Forest, which some of us opined was much better.

Cloud Forest

The first thing that greeted you on entry was the 7-storey high waterfalls! You have got to be careful not to stand too close otherwise you might get wet!

Beautiful waterfalls (left) and skywalk (right)

The whole experience reminds me of a scene in Avatar or Final Fantasy. Very magical and mysterious =)

We made our way to the elevator, which took us to the 6th floor of the structure before walking up a flight of stairs to the roof of the structure where you can see a beautiful pond and the skyline of Marina Bay Sands. There's another elevator reserved for the elderly, wheelchairs and families with small children so you are welcomed to bring your stroller.

Top level skywalk

The skywalk was really cool. It really felt like you were walking in the clouds, especially with the mist being sprayed throughout the dome. You could also see all the way to the ground below! Definitely not for those with a fear of heights. And if you're like me and love to wear skirts then you must remember to keep to the middle of the walk (which is opaque) at all times as you may unintentionally provide a free "show" to the people below without realising it.

A balcony out of the structure gave you a higher and better view of the falls

At the end of the walk, there were escalators that took you down to the middle floor where you were greeted with lots of cave mineral deposits accumulated over hundreds of years.

Exhibits of the mineral deposits that came from the caves

Just next to the cave exhibit is the entrance to the broader Tree Top Walk.

Tree Top Walk

You are able to get yet another view of the dome while taking a leisurely stroll down the walk. Very relaxing =)

At the end of the walk is the other entrance to the cave exhibit. After crossing to the other side, we took yet another escalator down to a room where the 5 Degrees show on the importance of conservation was presented. In the next room, a very cool 3D model of the Gardens by the Bay, with the help of flashing lights, enlightened us on how it was constructed to conserve energy. Did you know that even the air conditioning in the domes is generated by the solar panels on the super trees? Super cool =)

Learning about conservation (left) and how Gardens by the Bay was built to do just that (right)

After the presentation, we were taken into the Secret Garden. It really felt like we were brought into a hidden, underground garden.

The Secret Garden on the ground floor

By the time we were done with both domes, we were too tired to walk around the outdoor gardens. I made a mental note to come back and visit again.

Overall, Gardens by the Bay is an awesome place to bring your baby. Not only is it stroller-friendly, there were also ample nursing rooms located at various locations (my reviews of the nursing rooms here) to serve your baby's needs.

Nursing room beside the Visitor Centre

With a Children's Park in the midst of being built, this is one attraction that I'm definitely going to bring my girl again =)


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