Sunday 12 June 2011

Double Helix Bridge & Marina Bay Sands

Ever since we celebrated our anniversary at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS), I've been wanting to go back and visit the shopping mall again.

So we decided to pay MBS a visit last Thursday just for fun.

Can you believe that I have never been to the Double Helix Bridge till now?

Double Helix Bridge at Marina Bay Sands

The view was awesome! Thanks to the amazing weather, we had a really nice walk across the bridge while admiring the beautiful skyline.

If you're like me and always wondered if this oddly shaped building is some sort of observatory or something..

Lotus-inspired Art & Science Museum's actually the Arts and Science Museum!

We didn't check it out as my girl is still too young. I'll have to wait for her to grow up a bit more before we do. It certainly looks very cool on the outside though =)

Before we could fully explore the mall, I had to nurse my very hungry baby at a nursing room at MBS (there's one next to almost every toilet).

The mall was really interesting. Other than being filled with rows and rows of shops selling luxury products, Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is also home to a grand theatre, a skating rink and a man-made river that you can take a sampan ride for just S$10 per person.

Ice-skating rink within Marina Bay Sands

The nice thing about the skating rink is that parents who didn't want to skate could just hang out at the Rasapura Masters food court just next to it and watch their kids. I was actually pretty surprised that there was no one skating on the rink when we were there as it was the school holidays (perhaps it was also because it was a weekday afternoon).

As Girlee loved the aircondition so much that she took a nap and didn't want to wake up, my mum-in-law and I decided to take a little tea break at the food court before we set off home. By the time baby girl finally woke up, the sky was already turning dark.

But the view we saw was even more amazing.

Evening shot of Marina Bay Sands

We saw many couples taking their professional wedding photographs on the bridge. Looking at my amateur shot, you can understand why. Simply beautiful!

What a great way to end a perfect day =)


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