Monday 7 October 2013

Mid Autumn Festival Displays

Gardens by the Bay lighted up in celebration of this year's Mid Autumn Festivals. We decided to join in all the action and paid it a visit 2 weeks ago.

Beautiful scenery, with the full moon looming in the background
Admiring all the large lantern/light displays

This was our first time visiting the Gardens by the Bay at night and boy, were we amazed by how spectacular the gardens, especially the Supertrees, look at night!

Avatar-looking Supertrees
A group photo courtesy of a stranger
What's Mid Autumn Festival without lighting a lantern (Dora no less) =)
The girls
Mesmerising blue lighting

It really felt like we were taken to another world. But as the Gardens was bigger than we expected, we were tired out by the time we had walked only half of the park. Even my girl was exhausted, having walked most of the beginning, and clamoured to be carried for the rest of the way. Thank God for the sister's stamina and strength as she was the one who carried her for most of the journey (since obviously, I could not)!

To complete our visit, I brought my girl, the hubby and mum-in-law to visit the Domes a week after. This was their first time Gardens by the Bay so I showed them around since this was my second time there.

Flower Dome
Waterfall at the Cloud Dome
Pond at the roof
High up in the "clouds"
Family photo

My girl had a lot of fun while the hubby appreciated the cool air in the Domes as compared to the outdoor gardens which often left him and the girl sweating buckets. If we were to have another outdoor family photo shoot, it would definitely be held here! =)

Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to all!


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