Thursday 26 September 2013

Are You Taking Enough Calcium for Your Bones?

I'm very conscious of my intake of folic acid, vitamins and calcium now that I'm almost 6 months pregnant. Especially calcium as we all know that calcium is needed to build the baby's skeleton structure and other daily functions.

If we do not consume enough calcium, the baby will tap into the calcium storage in our bones just like how the body taps into our fat storage to make energy when we're not eating enough. Overtime, the bones become more brittle and therefore leads to a greater risk of Osteoporosis in future.

I've always assumed that I'm consuming enough calcium as I really like to eat food rich with calcium such as dairy products and ikan bilis.

However, it seems like we are really not consuming enough calcium that our body needs!

Credits: Health Promotion Board, Recommended Dietary Allowance

I diligently counted my calcium intake and found that I've only managed to consume maybe 800mg of calcium at the most everyday, and that is mainly because I've been popping the calcium tablets that my doctor prescribed. Despite my best efforts, I was still not taking enough calcium!

My calcium pills prescribed by my doctor

To make things worse, I really hate eating pills as they are so dry and hard to swallow (I'm the kind that takes forever to swallow any kind of medication *argg*)! It's such a dread to have to take them everyday and then have to endure the terrible feeling of it getting stuck in your throat >.<

I would much rather drink Anlene as 2 packets are all you need to fulfill your daily calcium needs as it contains Nano-calciumVitamin D and magnesium (which aids effective calcium absorption). And if you don't like to drink plain milk, there is always chocolate, which I personally loved =)

Kept a packet of Anlene chocolate milk at work to replace my usual hot tea that I drink every morning

In conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day, Anlene will also be giving away a set of Adidas sports merchandise worth $59 with every accumulated spend of $59 on Anlene products (Terms & Conditions apply)! At the same time, Anlene is challenging you to take 1 Million Steps at 4 Carnivals island-wide to help raise $20,000 towards supporting less fortunate families in Singapore. Refer to the poster below or visit Anlene's Facebook Page for more information.

Click to enlarge image

Stay strong and step your way to better bone health! =)

DisclosureThis is a sponsored story on behalf of Anlene SingaporeAll opinions are my own.
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