Wednesday 25 December 2019

Littlest Girl's 1st Christmas

Christmas is my favourite festival of the year and Christmas is definitely not complete without a Christmas tree in our home!

Last year I was so pregnant (in my third trimester) that I was too tired to put up AND take down the tree. The kids were so sad and lamented the lack of their tree for Christmas.

To make it up to them this year, I made it a point to put up the tree extra early in October so that they can enjoy it for longer! 😄

The kids help me with putting up the tree and decorating it now that the kids are old enough

Love our beautiful 9-year-old tree that is handed down to us by the hubby's brother and still going strong 💖

The baby really loves to look at lights so the daddy decided to drive down Orchard Road with our sunroof opened on one of the nights before Chrismas to see them.

Although the Christmas decoration pales in comparison to the one we saw in London, I'm grateful that we still have lights to enjoy.

Christmas is all about Christ, hence our Christmas is always spent in church.

We are home for Christmas!

We missed the annual Candlelight service as we were on vacation to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands but we managed to catch the Christmas service.

The beautiful set up by City Harvest Church Nursery Ministry

We got blessed with cookies and a small Christmas gift
Kids taking photos with Christmas trees with their cute Christmasy head bands

We like to buy an annual membership to something fun every year and last year was the Faber Licence membership for unlimited cable car rides. This year, we decided to get the Friends of the Gardens membership (unlimited entry) as they were having a promotion at 50% off!

We utilised our membership and visited the Christmas decoration at the Flower Dome.

Another thing I did this Christmas was learn how to bake a Christmas cake with my colleagues at work!

I made the whole cake from scratch!
With my awesome colleagues

The cake actually tastes really good! We loved it!

As usual, Christmas is not complete without our usual Christmas dinners with the family!

Our simple BBQ Christmas lunch at home

The kids were really excited to open their presents!

Presents for the kids from the doting grandma and us
I love Mell Chan so of course the first gift for my girl is a Mell Chan doll 😊

Lee family Xmas lunch
Left: Grandma with half of her grandchildren;
Right: Niece E and littlest girl's first Christmas!
Heng family Christmas dinner
(What a spread of food!)
Group photo

We usually celebrate the boy's birthday with my side of the family during the Christmas dinner.

Happy 6th birthday to my darling boy!

Opening their presents from Yiyi
Baby's first present from Yiyi

I know such memories are stored somewhere in a baby's brain, even if the baby can't really access or verbalise them when they are older. Nevertheless, these memories remain and I hope they will be memories of a wonderful Christmas that she will always cherish and know that her family loves her very much! ❤️


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