Saturday 12 December 2015

What Christmas Means to Us

Besides just remembering the day that Christ the Saviour was born, Christmas also symbolises for me a time of bright lights, friendship, presents, hope and most of all, love.

And of course an excuse to spend quality time with friends and family! *laughs*

In contrast to most other families, our family is not very big on exchanging presents. Of course there are times when we do (in fact, we get our mums a present every year!) but it is not mandatory. Not even for the kids, who will usually get gifts from friends and grandparents instead (hubby says Christmas is Jesus' birthday, not theirs. If anything, the gifts should be going to Jesus!).

Instead, here are 5 things that we do as a family every year no matter what.


1) Celebrating Christmas in His House

Every year without fail we will be in City Harvest Church.

Every year it is always the same: we'll be enjoying candlelight services one weekend and watching an awesome drama performance by our Drama Ministry the following weekend. It was a great time of remembering God's goodness and how He sent His Son to be born as the Saviour of the whole world.

Candlelight Service in 2011
Candlelight Service in 2014
One of our Christmas Services, with the stage all decked out for the drama performance
Hubby and I at a Christmas Service in 2013, just days before Baby Boy was born =)

It is very ironic but as I am typing this I'm realising that this year will be the first time that we'll be missing both the candlelight services AND the Christmas services because we will be in Tokyo! How can this be?!?! *gasp*

Hopefully we will not miss the one next year... *sigh*

2) Annual Christmas Dinners with Family

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Singapore but we do have "Thanksgiving" dinners where we gather at my mum's house and eat "big fish big meat" (direct translation from the Chinese Idiom).

Christmas dinner in 2011
Christmas Dinner in 2013
Christmas dinner in 2014

Although the hubby's family does not celebrate Christmas, we do use it as an excuse to go out for lavish buffet dinners together! =)

Having our Christmas dinner at Orchard Hotel

The best thing about being with family is that you can always be yourself. You can dress in the ugliest pajamas, sit like a gangster, laugh like a hyena and talk with your mouth full of roast chicken, and no one will ever judge you. I love getting together with my family, and it is a Christmas tradition that I hope will be carried on forever! =)

3) Annual Christmas Gatherings with Friends

Christmas is also the time for themed parties with friends.

Hats Christmas party in 2010
Bows and Ties Christmas party in 2011
Starry Starry Night Christmas party in 2012

Christmas is also time for mandated meet-ups and occasionally gift exchanges whenever we feel like it (which is very seldom unfortunately! Ah well...).

With Baby Boy's buddy and our friends
Christmas with the BFFs in 2011
Christmas with the BFFs in 2012

Throughout pregnancy and delivery, we were there for each other. Thank you for being our friends and for sticking with us through thick and thin. You know I love you guys! =)

4) Photo-taking with Christmas Decorations

Christmas Express in Marina Bay Sands in 2013, right before I gave birth to my boy 
Left: With the Christmas tree at Ion;
Right: With a gnome in Marina Square
Baby Boy's first Christmas
(because technically he was born 2 days after Christmas so he didn't get to celebrate Christmas in the year that he was born!)

The Christmas decorations are always so warm, colourful and bright! Appreciate the effort that everyone puts in to make the malls and even offices so beautiful and fun! How can you resist taking pictures with them?

5) Celebrate Birthdays

And last but definitely not least, Christmas is a time for celebrating birthdays! Especially the birth of my Baby Boy!

My Christmas present in 2013
Baby Boy's cloud-themed first birthday at Rochester House
Baby Boy loves it when everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to him!

We also celebrate my mum's birthday, which incidentally is YESTERDAY!

Celebrating my mum's birthday in 2011 at Unique Seafood

Happy Birthday Mummy! May you always be happy and full of faith! We love you! =)


Before I end, I'd like to say to all our lovely readers, family and friends...

Love, all of us at MadPsychMum


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What Christmas Means to Our Family

P.S: This Christmas, we will also be praying for our friends whose son was recently diagnosed with cancer. Although we are heartbroken to hear this, we will continue to pray and believe that he will be healed in Jesus' name! If you can, please do join us in prayer for him and his family. Thank you! =) 
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