Wednesday 14 December 2011

Celebrations are Just Another Excuse to Get Fat!

This post is many days late as I recently got a full-time job and can't blog as often as I would like. Between getting used to waking up early every morning, sleeping on time at night, juggling my new responsibilities and missing my baby girl at work, that leaves very little time for anything else.

But with all the celebrations happening this month, there's no way I'll let it go without a post. Albeit one with less words and more pictures!

It was my friend D's wedding last Sunday, which was held at the very beautiful chapel of Saint Joseph's Institution.

Baby girl looked so cute in her bling bling shoes that she almost stole the thunder of the bride!

The decor at the entrance was beautiful!

Wedding decor

And the couple made sure the guests were well taken care of, with more than enough food served before the ceremony and wedding programs in the form of hand-held fans.

Clockwise from top left: Tower of cupcakes; dessert food table; wedding programs; kid-friendly biscuits!

Out of politeness, no one really took anything from the tables as they looked too lovely to be eaten. Well, no one.. except for this one.

"Woooo! Yummy!!"

Before the morning was out, she had already fulfilled her day's quota on sugar intake! And since she shamelessly ate to her fill, everyone else (me included) started to join in the fun and before long the dessert bar and cupcake tower was almost empty! =)

We had a great time at their beautiful ceremony and I wish the couple loads of happiness!

Later that day, we cerebrated my mum's birthday at (where else but) Unique Seafood! They heard how much we enjoyed the food there previously and therefore decided to celebrate her birthday there as well.

Might as well take lots of pictures while waiting for the food..
My lovely family

We were famished by the time the food arrived and dug right in to the food! =)

Anti-clockwise from top right: Bamboo clams in garlic sauce; Fresh prawns; Black pepper crab;
Crab in pumpkin & butter sauce; Lobster Ee Fu noodles (hot favourite!); Fried fish
Humongous lobster!

The food was great as usual but the highlight had to be this lobster, which was so large that we could eat the body raw and cook the head with noodles! Of course that meant the bill was so expensive, it nearly hit the 4-digits! But I guess the food and fellowship was really worth it =)

We then tried to surprise my mother with her cake (I say 'tried' because the head waitress totally blew the surprise by coming up to our table and asking us LOUDLY if we "WANT THE CAKE TO BE SERVED NOW!?" and my mum was like, "Oh there's a cake for me?!")..

Mum enjoying the 'almost' surprise!

The biggest winner of the day had to be Girlee, who almost stole the thunder of two people (i.e. the bride and her grandmother) all in one day! Well done.

After all the celebrations, I feel like I had gained at least 10kgs! I say 'feel' because I'm just too cowardly to step on the weighing scale and face reality.

And there's more Christmas celebrations coming.... what a joy. I suppose that's what New Year's resolutions are for.
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