Saturday 17 December 2011

A Bows & Ties Xmas Party

It was once again that time of the year for our cell group's annual christmas party!

The theme for last year's party was 'HATS' so the sister and I (the party planners) decided to continue the accessories theme and go with 'BOWS & TIES' for the party this year.

Inspirations from the runway

I had wanted to go crazy with the theme and try and win Best Dressed but I started work this week and had no mood to think of an over-the-top outfit. Instead, I just wore a simple white bow and skull tie which I thought looked pretty good together! =)

Left: My family in checked clothes and ties!
Right: The girls in our bow headgears
Minnie mouse head bands make anyone look good!

This year our party was held at my friend K's condominium function room, which we decorated with balloons, streamers and ties.

Our party venue

Of course no Christmas party is complete without a Christmas tree and presents!

Christmas tree provided by the condo

Other than decor, I was also in charge of the door gifts (as usual). I wanted something easy to do but practical and came up with the brilliant idea of dressing up wine glasses.

Door gifts for the party

I thought they looked fantastic, dontcha think so? (Although people were actually more interested in filling the glasses with alcohol than chocolate.. ah well).

Many people were late to the party due to the bad traffic along the expressways so by the time we started eating, all of us were famished! After most of us have had our fill, we gathered together for our Secret Santa gift exchange and appreciation awards ceremony.

Our leader giving his 'year-end' speech

The hubby's Secret Santa gave him a cute box with the words 'Super Daddy' on it (have no idea what's inside though as he hasn't opened the present yet) while my Secret Santa gave me Sephora eye shadow! Thanks Secret Santas!

Secret Santa & Appreciation Gifts

I also received the 'Parable of Talents' award for multiplying my talents in serving God! Thanks guys! =)

After the appreciation, it was time to pick the Best Dressed for both Male & Female. Cardboard bows designed and printed by my sister were attached to Eifle photo stands and thus forming beautiful yet practical trophies that you could actually use in future (as opposed to a real one which you can't really do much with except probably use as a paperweight)! Cool right? And you know why? Cos it was my idea *laughs*

Anti-clockwise from top: The Best Dressed 'trophies'; the 2 winners tied for Best Dressed Male; the winners for Best Dressed Male & Best Dressed Female

We chose the winners via a voting system where the person with the most votes won. Congratulations to the winners! =)

Then came the hubby's favourite part of the night: ALCOHOL!!!


He drank 4 different kinds of alcohol namely beer, wine, sake and his favourite champagne (which he bought and contributed himself). To the hubby, it ain't a party until it is a party with booze!

It was a great party and I'm happy that everyone had fun!

Group photo

Thanks to everyone who helped out in one way or another to organise this amazing party! And also thanks for the presents and gifts that we received!

Our presents from the party

Thanks for a great year together and here's to more years of friendships to come! Cheers! *grin*
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