Wednesday 17 December 2014

A Decade of Candlelight

Time passes so fast it's crazy. In a blink of an eye, I've been in City Harvest Church for 12 years and have celebrated TEN years of our signature Candlelight Services! From single to married to being a mother, I can't believe time just flew by!

I was feeling especially nostalgic this year so I've compiled photo collages of all the candlelight services I've attended since that first Candlelight Service in 2005, with the exception of 2008 and 2012 (likely that I got tired of taking the same thing every year haha). Watch how we evolved over the years as our handphone cameras got better and better! *laughs*



Our first candlelight service in our temporary premise at Expo Hall 8!
First time that we experienced the whole hall being lighted up by our candles alone =)


With my beloved "before-I-was-married" cell group
(Look how young we were! Now most of us are married!)


Another year at Expo with my cell group


My first candlelight service with my "after-I-was-married" cell group (seen in the next photo);
I was 3 months pregnant with Girlee!


Girlee's first candlelight service!


Our first candlelight service in Suntec Convention Centre!
One of my favourite photos of our family
(Which I had used for our Christmas greeting)


Candlelight service while heavily pregnant with Baby Boy (and hoping he would be born on boxing day but he was a day late)


Baby Boy's first candlelight service!
Look how excited he is! =)
Our little family

I love this tradition and hope we'll continue it for years to come. Who knows? One day I'll be celebrating candlelight services with my grandchildren! Now won't that be fun =)
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