Thursday 25 December 2014

Batam IV Day 1: Baby Boy's 1st Christmas

The majority of us were surprised this trip even happened but I was one of the few super optimistic ones who believed anything is possible! 8 adults, 3 kids and 2 babies?!? Crazy.

But when the day finally came, surprisingly everyone arrived promptly at Singapore Cruise Centre at Harbourfront to set off to Batam as planned.

Taken by me with a selfie stick
(Looks like I need to buy me one of these)

The last time we travelled together to Batam was over the New Year in 2011 and again with my girl for her first overseas trip. However, this is the first time we have travelled with so many adults and kids; I think the most I had ever travelled with! We thought we should do a short trip and see how it goes before planning for a bigger trip in future.

With so many big personalities in our group, the hubby commented that the trip will be a success if we all came back still friends. Indeed.. *laughs*

My family in matchy-matchy Paul Frank T-shirts

We boarded the ferry and were initially seated at the front of the vessel in the air-conditioned cabin but soon we were bouncing up and down as the ferry sped off, scaring our babies! My friend J and I decided to make our way to the open-air cabin instead so that at least our babies can watch the waves and sleep.

Off on our ferry to Batam, passing MBS along the way
Baby Boy looks a little more relieved on the top cabin
The boys loved the wind in their hair so much that they fell asleep

Our 45 minute journey flew by and soon we had arrived at Batam Centre! We cleared customs rather quickly (thumbs up to the Batam Immigration for their efficiency) and proceeded to Mega Mall Batam Centre for lunch as it was still too early to check into our hotel.

We were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of our lunch at A&W so you'll just have to take my word for it. After lunch, we explored the hypermart at the basement to stock up on our drinks, snacks and even diapers (Mamy Poko is only Rp 175000 for L62!).

Once we have loaded all of our strollers with our loot, we made our way to Harris Hotel Batam Centre, the same hotel that we had stayed at the trip before (click to see photos of the room and amenities).

I reminded the hubby again and again that we must have a cot as we needed a place for my girl to sleep (I cannot imagine how we are all going to squeeze on the bed). Thankfully, the hotel had one!

It's more like a toddler bed rather than a cot but I'm not complaining
Just slightly short for my girl but she was ok with it

Before we headed out again to Mega Mall for more shopping, massage and dinner, we tried to get the kids to take a "Do Re Mi Fa So" photo from the oldest to the youngest.

The girls were cooperative but the boys simply refused to cooperate!

As you can see, we didn't succeed. Oh well =(

At Mega Mall, half of us went to get our massages while the other half brought the kids to Timezone to have fun! We loved having fun at Timezone the last time so this was certainly something we knew we had to bring the kids to. They were having a "buy Rp 250000 get 250000 credits" promotion so that is what we got =)

Riding on the Carousel
Bug electrical cars
(This time, my girl has Big Sister C to play with her! She was thrilled!)
Baby Boy can also sit on as many rides as he likes!
(And believe me, he really loves to ride the cars!)

Unlike the previous trip where my girl had to play by herself, this time she had Big Sister C and Baby Boy to play with her! I was also happy that I don't have to entertain my girl and the 2 girls can entertain themselves =)

The other half of our friends returned after their massage; it was my turn to go for my massage. I thought that everyone had the kids under control and therefore left them at Timezone so that I can get me some pampering (which was really affordable, only RP 240000 for a 1 hour slimming massage).

Unfortunately, half-way through my massage, the hubby's cousin brought my sobbing son into the massage room saying that no one could soothe him. I asked her where the hubby was and she told me that the hubby had brought my girl back to the hotel because she had fallen into the small pool in the playground at Timezone. "What?!?!" I exclaimed.

What did I do? What can I do except to carry my boy and continue the rest of my massage, that's what! *laughs*

Thankfully the boy was well-behaved once he realised he was safe with mummy and even enjoyed watching the strange aunty rub her hands on mummy's legs. Not long after, the hubby returned and carried my boy away, allowing me to finish my massage in peace.

The life of a parent.. massages are never the same again.. *sigh*

We ended the night with a seafood feast and fellowship in the hotel room. It was a great way to celebrate Baby Boy's 1st Christmas! =)

Taken by me with a selfie stick BEFORE all the drama occured

 Merry Christmas Everyone!! 
We wish you peace on earth and goodwill to men! =)

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