Sunday 19 December 2010

Celebratus Galores

Yesterday was a busy day for the hubby and I. For some weird reason, 18th of Dec seemed to be a great day to have a wedding/1st month party/christmas party.

In the morning at 11am, we attended my friends F & C's wedding at CHC Jurong West.

C & her Dad

Pastor Y was the officiating pastor and I enjoyed the candid and playful ceremony. I also really enjoyed the buffet spread, especially the dessert section (*licks lips*) yum! Luckily I didn't bring Baby J =)

After the wedding, we head back home to pick baby J so that we could continue the celebrations at our friend AK's house in Tampines. Her son is 1 month old and they were throwing his 1st month party. The party was supposed to start at 12 noon and we were obviously late. Hubby likes being the last to arrive as it meant more time to talk to the host.

AK looked like any new parent would look: exhausted from lack of sleep but extraordinarily excited about her little babe. Baby A looked really healthy and happy. He kept smiling intermittently the whole time that we were there. What a cheerful little boy!

Baby J: "Meet my new friend!"

Baby J could not resist of course. She kept hitting him in her enthusiasm to make a new friend. I quickly stopped her and steered her away in my effort to prevent her from hurting him. After a while she got bored 'cos her new friend couldn't do anything except lie there. That was you last time ah girl!

After that we went to expo for our church's Candlelight Christmas Service. Baby J was really tired so after her milk she fell into a deep sleep only to be awaken by another screaming baby. She sure wasn't happy about that but I got her to sleep again after a few pats. When her daddy came to look for her later, she looked as happy as a bee with his legs full of nectar.

Doesn't she look just like Daddy? Sigh.

Too bad I couldn't join in the lighting of the candles =(

By the time we got to dinner, both the hubby and I felt so exhausted we didn't join the rest for drinks. Plus baby J and I are still battling the cough so we had to go home to rest. All in all a very eventful weekend of fun! =)

P.S. In case you're wondering about the title, I'm a Harry Potter fan *grinz*
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