Monday 26 December 2011

Our Fun-Filled Christmas Weekend

We spent our Christmas eve in church, watching our drama ministry put up yet another awesome Christmas drama performance! Later that night, we decided to countdown to Christmas at Wangz Halo Bar like we did last year just because we really couldn't think of a better place to go.

They hyped up the place a little more this year by adding lights and even a DJ. Plus, their service was amazing! When the staff found out we (well ok maybe just me) were irritated that they didn't serve any more food as their kitchen was already closed, they gave us fried chips and gingerbread men for free!

Hanging out at Halo Bar

You gotta love them for their sincerity! =)

Enjoying the music, alcohol and fellowship!

We had a great time talking, laughing, toasting, head-bobbing and even *gulp* dancing! We kinda brought the club to the tiny bar *laughs*

And following tradition, we ended the night with a group photo in the exact same spot as we did last year.

Tired out but game for our group photo

Hopefully we keep counting down to Christmas together every year to keep with tradition =)

Later that Christmas evening, we had our annual Christmas family dinner at my mum's house.

Clockwise from left: Alcohol brought by the hubby; food cooked by my mum; two logcakes, one gingerbread house & 2 tubs of ice-cream

I brought the gingerbread house that I decorated myself but with all the food on the table, no one had it in their stomachs to eat any of it. Ah well..

We managed to take the only group shot that had both of our families in all the years that we've been having Christmas dinners together!

Self-timed Family Group Photo

We also received some nice presents from my sis and her boyfriend..

Receiving our presents

I love the perfume they got me and the hubby loved his belt, which is what he really wanted. Thanks guys! =)

But we decided to open the rest of our presents on Boxing Day, the next day.

Excitedly opening our presents at home

Thanks to everyone for your lovely gifts and well-wishes! We had many, many, many great Christmas celebrations and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Can't believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly! Hope that you had a great Christmas with your families as well =)
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