Friday 30 December 2011

When It Comes to Food, Old School's the Way to Go

With 2011 coming to a close soon, I thought I'll end off with a post on some of the best food I ate this year.

For starters, there's the tasty DIY ravioli at Italiannies. Then there's all the great seafood we had at Master Crab and at the hubby's absolute favourite Unique Seafood.

But when it comes to food, sometimes old school is the best way to go! For instance, a simple steamboat and chicken rice may be all you need to get that feel-good feeling. Their recipes and food has not changed since 1983.

Then there is also this chicken rice stall, Chiew Kee Eating House, which serves the most tender chicken breasts I have ever eaten (yes I know, I love chicken breasts!).

Chew Kee Eating House

My mum-in-law introduced me to this old school chicken rice/noodle stall at 8 Upper Cross Street (Chinatown) a few months ago and I was hooked. It was so good that baby girl kept eating bite after bite of 'meeet' (her way of saying 'meat') despite being sick with flu and cough. You should definitely try it if you're in the area! =)

Well if eating traditional food is not your style, then how about having some tarts in an old school ambience? The sister and I finally patronised Grips Bakery & Cafe which is located just down the street from my house as I always wanting to do so ever since they opened a few months ago.

Grips Bakery & Cafe

I loved the furniture, which are so traditional and artistic. The chocolate tart that we ordered was also very tasty! This is definitely a nice place to visit again! =)

We end the year with food and start the year with food, so here's the million dollar question: why do we even bother to make resolutions to lose weight?!

Ah well..

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012! =)
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