Friday 13 December 2013

Super Early Xmas Family Dinner

I was afraid that I will go into labour any time in December so we had our annual Christmas Family Dinner way in advance last week!

Hubby brought alcohol decorated with the most adorable Christmas hat!

To add on to our food, The King Louis sent us their Christmas Festive Dining set that was fit for a king!

Christmas Festive Dining to go
Feast like kings indeed!

The set consisted of all our favourite meat including bacon, chicken wings, roasted beef with black pepper sauce, BBQ baby back ribs and lamb steak with rosemary herbs! As I've been needing to eat more meat now that I'm pregnant with a meat-eating baby boy (too much carbs just don't cut it!), everything looked really appetizing! =)

As the Festive Dining set was delivered the day before, we had to heat everything up with the microwave and toaster while the rest of the family waited impatiently for dinner to begin!

Look at our spread of food!
Tortured Forced the family to take a family photo before we could eat! *laughs*

The family felt the meat would have been better if it was eaten on the day that it was delivered but I thought it still tasted good. It was a great time of fellowship and feasting! There was so much food that we couldn't finish it! =)

After dinner, my girl was really bored so the sister presented my girl with one of her many, many Christmas presents!

Play-Doh never fails to save the day!

It managed to keep her occupied for the rest of the evening so that the rest of us can actually have a decent conversation! =)

Anyway, just in case I don't get a chance to update this blog before I go into labour:

 Merry Christmas 
to all my lovely readers, family and friends!

Disclosure: Complimentary Festive Dining Set was received from The King Louis for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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