Saturday 7 December 2013

Prenatal Pilates

It has always been an uphill battle for me to lose my post-baby weight and despite all my efforts, I have never really returned to my pre-pregnancy weight (and it really sucks when you see others achieving it seemingly effortlessly >_<). And just when I thought I was progressing and getting somewhere with my exercise regime, lo and behold, we found out that I was pregnant so I had to stop most of my exercises because frankly, all the nausea and fatigue did not leave me with much energy to think about anything except to eat and sleep.

When I finally made it to the 2nd trimester and feeling a lot better, I wanted to get some exercise back into my life. But we all know that there aren't many exercises suitable for a pregnant mother! I love swimming but frankly squeezing my growing, protruding belly into my old swimming suit, which is 15 years old so I'm ok with stretching it (the brand I bought is reeeallly good so it's able to stretch and still fit well), was something that got harder and harder as the pregnancy progressed! *sigh*

My good pal Melissa and I then thought of trying out pilates or yoga but we didn't manage to find one suitable for pregnant mothers. Then one day Pilates Fitness introduced me to their new Couple Prenatal Pilates classes and I thought, "finally! Exactly what we were looking for!"

Pilates Fitness located at Telok Blangah Road

Both the pregnant woman and her spouse are supposed to attend the Prenatal Pilates classes together as they are meant to encourage bonding between the couple and get them to build their core strength at the same time (and believe me, both the daddies and the mummies need super strong arms and abs to carry a 5-10kg baby everywhere!).

I was invited to try out the classes to experience them for myself but as the hubby was not interested in Pilates, I decided to invite Melissa to join me instead.

For a person who has never been to a gym before, I was a little apprehensive. Plus we were introduced to a machine I have never seen before: the Reformer.

Gearing up for our Pilates class in my brand new exercise outfit =)
The Reformer 
Warm-up exercises
Training the arms on the Reformer

For a beginner who has never done any kind of gym classes before, I thought the exercises were pretty manageable and fun! I also learnt that my arms and legs were stronger than I give them credit but then again, I do carry a 16kg girl around everyday so I suppose that is not surprising! :P

Here's a video of our experience (pardon my awkward smiles, I really hate being on video :S):

Since then, I have been going for the classes (they have 1 class every Tuesday & Saturday) regularly and have been really addicted to it! My posture and core strength has also improved and I'm optimistic that with all the stretching that I've been doing, my delivery will be a lot smoother and faster! *laughs*

If you would like to give Pilates a try, awesome news! We are giving away FIVE Couple Prenatal Pilates classes (worth $70) to FIVE lucky pregnant readers and their partner (or friend)!

All You Need to Do is:
1) Leave a comment on this post on why keeping fit is so important!
2) Include your email address in order to be contacted

This giveaway ends on 15 Dec 2013 (Sunday) and is only open to readers living in Singapore and 1st time customers of Pilates Fitness. If there are more than 5 entries, the 5 winners will be drawn randomly. Winners will be contacted by Pilates Fitness and must also attend the Couple Prenatal Pilates class within 4 weeks of notification. Good luck! =)

P.S: If you're not pregnant, not a problem! Pilates Fitness will also be giving away 1 FREE Pilates class (consists of 30 minutes reformer introduction + 55 minutes of Weight Loss OR Core & Body Aches class only) to ALL my readers!

All you need to do is quote "MadPsychMum" when you call Pilates Fitness at +65 9184 7622 or email them at This promotion is only valid till 21st December and for first time customers only.

Don't forget to visit Pilates Fitness Facebook Page for more photos and videos (*gasp*) of me and other preggy mums in action =)

Disclosure: Complimentary Prenatal Pilates classes were received from Pilates Fitness for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all text and opinions are my own.
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