Friday 7 June 2013

Our Big Announcement!


I've been keeping this secret for a while now as I wanted to confirm it at the doctor's before making the announcement.. although the hubby went ahead and stole my thunder on Facebook anyway (-_-").

As you know we have been trying for baby #2 since November last year and haven't had much luck in the beginning. During our trip to Seoul last April, the hubby gave an offering to the World Largest Church with full faith that his request for a baby boy would be granted.

And what do you know? Faith moved the hand of God! =)

I realised that I had missed my period about 4 days after our trip so I waited for a few more days before I finally took a pregnancy test.

I peed on a stick and it was positive!

I couldn't believe it! We were finally expecting! ^_^

But then the excitement wore off as I soon found out that being a pregnant working mum is TOUGH!! T_T

My previous pregnancy was when I was studying my masters so I had no idea how bad getting up to go to work everyday while battling nausea and giddiness was! To make matters worse, I couldn't tell most people except my close colleagues how I felt so I had to pretend everything was alright when in actual fact, it was not! Not at all!

I felt nauseous like ALL. THE. TIME. I had no relieve from it, except for when I was eating something appetising or drinking lemon grass tea (really helped). Although I did not vomit, there were days when I nearly couldn't go on working anymore as I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. Needless to say, bus rides were HORRENDOUS for me!

The only thing that got me through the day was this:
Ironically, the worse the nausea is, the stronger the signal to you that your baby is in there, alive and well. So I'll endure any nausea, if that meant that my baby was well.

And by the grace of God, he (or she) is! =)

Girlee holding up our 1st ultrasound scan of Baby #2

Girlee was really excited seeing her little brother/sister for the first time on the ultrasound! I'm also excited to find out that our good friends JK will be expecting their bundle of joy around the same time as us so I'll have someone to moan to and our kids will have each other to play with! I'm sooo looking forward to it! ^_^

In the meantime however, I'll have to learn long suffering while I patiently wait for this stage to pass! Please pray for me! T_T

P.S: Pardon the ranting. My body is making a living human being and I'm soaked in all sort of weird hormones. I'm totally allowed to rant :P
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