Thursday 6 June 2013

The Ultimate Overnight Drypers DryPantz Test

Drypers sent us a whole box of Drypers DryPantz to try out since for nearly 3 years of diapering, we have not tried Drypers before (shocking, I know).

Carton-load of Drypers DryPantz

As the new and improved Drypers DryPantz (for 6 months and up) has been touted as being able to provide long-lasting dryness, I wanted to try them on my girl for the nights. The mum-in-law was skeptical; she was of the opinion that no diaper-pant can last as long as regular diapers for nights as it will definitely leak.

And bearing in mind that my girl has soaked through every diaper-pant she has had on throughout the night, Drypers DryPantz has its work cut out for it. Besides, there was no way that I would get up and change my girl's diapers mid-way through my precious sleep so they had better pass Our Overnight Test!

First up, getting the Pantz on! =)

Back (left) and Front (right)

It's really intuitive to put on too. Backside of the elephant is the back, face of the elephant is the front. Easy.

Wearing her XXL Drypers DryPantz

Next, getting my girl to wear her Drypers DryPantz overnight for 3 nights in a row. When we checked her diapers the morning after, surprise, surprise.. her diapers had not leaked at all! This was due mainly to Activ-Core that helps to quickly absorb urine and prevent flow-back and the interlocking fibres that help to drive urine into the core in order to keep the butt dry and comfortable.

Greater comfort was also provided by a snug and soft waist elastic, Flexi-Fit, which helps to give greater mobility for my active toddler who enjoys tossing and turning in her sleep. I had previously never used Drypers as I had heard that it was not very comfortable but it turned out that they were even more comfortable than the brand of diapers that we were currently using.

Taking into consideration that my girl only drinks a bottle of milk before she sleeps (it might be different if your child drinks more before bedtime), overall, I'm still pretty impressed =)

Test it out for yourself and see if it works for you too! You can get FREE samples from Drypers here! =)

Disclosure: This is Part 1 of a series of sponsored stories on behalf of Drypers Singapore. All opinions are my own.
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