Sunday 28 December 2014

Baby Boy's Cloud-Themed 1st Birthday Party

The theme of Baby Boy's first party was decided on "Cloudy with a Chance of Baby" because I noticed that Baby Boy particularly loves to watch the clouds float by. I knew I didn't have much time so I actually got started on the decorations 3 months before the party! *laughs*

I started by making the bunting, which I cut out of a blue fabric that I bought from the Dragon Store in Chinatown and hand-stitched the top of the bunting where the rope will be inserted.

In the midst of stitching the bunting
I bought felt and cut out the words to be glued onto the bunting
(all except the number 1, which was sewn rather than glued so that I can reuse the bunting again for future birthdays! *grin*)

Next, I worked on the photo booth, which consisted of two frames I bought from IKEA, some foam paper and paper flowers (see the end product below). A few weeks later, I put together the Goodie Bags, which consisted of various useful items from Pigeon, some sweets and party blowers/balloons from us.

Stuff in the Goodie Bags for Babies (1 year old and below)
Stuff in the Goodie Bags for the Kids (older kids)

I used brown paper bags for the Goodie Bags because it was more environmentally-friendly and sealed it with personalised stickers from Photojaanic.

Stickers that I had designed from Photojaanic
Personalised stickers to seal the Goodie Bags
(to thank the guests for coming)
I printed some clouds, stuck on some washi tape and viola!
Raindrops from the clouds! *grin*

I also printed more clouds and glued them together with toothpicks for decorating the cupcakes.

Cloud cupcake toppers

I also got my art teacher bff to help me make some photo booth props as she is an expert at it! =)

Baby A posing with the props made by her aunt

Finally, I made paper flowers which I bought from Daiso as well as a hot air balloon with a lantern, construction paper and washi tape (picture of final product below).

I barely had time to bring everything I had created to set up at our venue, The Playhouse at Rochester House located at Buona Vista. Thankfully the sister and brother came to help me with the decorations, which looked awesome in the beautiful outdoor area of Rochester House.

The final product of my bunting
My bunting hanging with the blue and white paper flowers above the cake/dessert/goodie bag table
Goodie Bags and our family photos display
I bought a frame from IKEA to frame up the Collage Poster I had designed from Photojaanic!
Don't you think it looks lovely? =)

Rochester House kindly sponsored us with their kids party package (note that the package we were given differed from the new packages listed in the website), which included free play and party food for 15 kids.

Spaghetti, sandwiches, cupcakes and free flow drinks
Baby wipes, anti-mozzie wet wipes and disposable bibs for the babies
Final product of the cloud cupcake toppers

The staff of Rochester House told me that I could set up my Photo Station at a part of the outdoor playground that was sheltered so that people could still take photos even if it rained.

Setting up of the Photo Station at the outdoor play area
Hot air balloon I made using a white lantern I bought in Malacca (you can buy the same from Daiso), some rope and a rectangle box I made out of blue construction paper. I finished it off with none other than washi tape! =)
(I was planning to make four of these but ended up making only one as I ran out of time!)
Props laid out on pillows of clouds!
Test shot of the Photo Station before the guests arrived
(Pretty eh? I'm super pleased with it hehe)

To ensure that our guests were able to take home a souvenir of their experience with us, we were provided with a Pocket Photo Printer (on loan for a week) and Pocket Photo Papers from LG.

My brother, the event photographer and printer, loading the Pocket Printer with paper
All you needed to do was connect your device such as your handphone and you can print a small pocket-size picture immediately! Cute right? =)

Here're the photos we took at the Photo Station (all of which we printed out for our guests):

Our family
With the paternal family
With the maternal family
My cousin and godson
With my BFFs and their kids
(one in the arms and one in the tummy)
With the BFFs and their hubbies
With hubby's cousins
With hubby's secondary school clique
(the guys he has known for 20+ years)
With my secondary school friend (whom I have known for 18 years) and her hubby and baby A
With my secondary school friends
With hubby's university friend and his wife (who's expecting a little one next month!)
With the hubby's university friend, her hubby and baby Z
With Girlee's favourite teacher and her hubby and her best friend in school
(Have no idea where my girl went so she's not in this photo)
With the sister and my good friend from church
Bowties three

Baby Boy was excited by all the love poured on him but also got weary really quickly from all the excitement!

Baby Boy looks like he has had enough with photo-taking

I love holding our party here because the kids were well entertained with two play areas of The Playhouse: the outdoor area and the indoor air-conditioned area.

The outdoor play area
(The large bouncy castle, slide and cars were a hit with the kids!)
Rocking horses, cars and tricycles
(The boys love the cars!)
Indoor play area
(Kids love the little toy house, kitchen set and little castle!)
Little library corner (left),
Slide and various toys (right)

Sadly Baby Boy and I didn't get a chance to play as we had to entertain the guests (also why I don't have pictures of my kids playing in the play areas)! *sigh*

Baby Boy was starting to get cranky so we had to quickly bring out the cake!

We bought our crepe cake from Champsserie, who just opened their first shop in Singapore at West Coast
(The cake may not look as cute as other fondant cakes but you can bet it definitely tastes better! We got a lot of rave reviews from our guests!)
Family photos with the cake
Singing "happy birthday" to Baby Boy who enjoyed it so much that we sang it twice! Haha

I think this was his favourite part of the party!

Guests mingling with each other in the outdoor party area
Girlee hugging her best friend before she left
(They had the best time playing together!)

And with that, the party ended! I was sad that I couldn't catch up with everyone as I was so busy running around. Was glad that I received great feedback from everyone that their kids had a blast!

Thanks for the love and gifts for Baby Boy!

Many, many thanks to all our friends and family for taking the time to be with us to celebrate Baby Boy's birthday! We appreciate it very much! =)

Special thanks to my brother for being the photographer, my sister for helping with the decorations, my friend Lidia for helping to pack up, K and J for helping to pick up my mum-in-law and kids from our house and the staff of Rochester House for their kind service! We couldn't have done it without all of you =)

Summary of Service Providers

Venue + Party Package for 15: Rochester House
Crepe Cake: Champsserie
Baby Food, Lotion & Wet Wipes: Pigeon
Collage Poster + Stickers for goodie bags: Photojaanic
Loan of LG Pocket Photo Printer + LG Pocket Photo Papers: LG


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Disclosure: Complimentary party package was received from Rochester House while various products were received from Pigeon Singapore and Photojaanic to make this first birthday party a success! The LG Photo Printer was also loaned to us for 1 week from LG Singapore. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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