Sunday 30 June 2019

My Girl's McDonalds 9th Birthday Party

Surprisingly, we had never thrown a birthday party for the eldest girl before. Her birthdays were usually celebrated at home or at school. She really wanted a birthday party this year and I thought McDonald's will be a good idea since it didn't cost a lot and comes with a party room and host (you can read more on their website).

Let's party at McDonald's! 
Party room that accommodates at most 25 kids. Any more and it'll be really tight! 
McDonald's also reserved some tables outside the party room for adults

The host will go around to get the names of the children and their Happy Meal order while another crew member takes the orders of the adult guests (if any).

The host is also in charge of entertaining the kids with simple games and a lot of prizes!

The host split the kids into two groups to compete against each other

After the games, the kids enjoyed their Happy Meals!

So difficult to get so many kids to look at the camera for this photo!
Kids enjoying their food and chatting 
Girl had fun talking with her friends

Next, it was time to cut the cake that we had ordered from McDonalds. You can bring your own but you must ensure that it is Halal certified.

Family photo with the very cute cake!
Blowing out the mega size candle that we bought from Spotlight
A group photo with all the kids! ❤️
I also insisted on a group photo with all the adults just for fun 😄

For a no-name McDonald's cake, this one was surprisingly good! Very delicious 😋

When everyone has had enough cake, it was time to distribute the goodie bags to all the kids!

Left: Goodie bag table!;
Right: The birthday girl has a special gift!
Birthday girl giving out gifts to all her friends
With her good friends from church (left) and school (right)
In case you're wondering, they each got a McDonald's pencil box, pencil and notebook in the goody bag

The outlet at Ang Mo Kio Park had a small playground on premise so the kids had fun playing in the playground while waiting for the parents to pick some of them up.

So nostalgic! Such playgrounds are so rare in Singapore!
Wearing our party masks 😄

Our McDonald's birthday party was really free and easy and not that expensive. However, if you've got a party with more than 15 kids, the party room might not be big enough. We only had 14 kids and still I felt it was a tight squeeze!

A few days later, we had a small celebration for the birthday girl on her actual birthday!

Happy birthday to the best big sister ever! Just like your mummy haha 😂 Mama loves you very much! ❤️


Past Birthday Parties:

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