Wednesday 27 December 2017

My Boy's London Bus 4th Birthday

The year 2017 did not start out well for my boy in terms of school. He just turned 3 on 27 December but was fully expected to behave as a 4 year old would, like the rest of his N2 class.

I feel bad for him that he always needs to play catch up. However, I'm thankful to God that he has been coping very well.

He was able to read a lot earlier than his sister, recognise the spelled words of numbers and spell simple words. I was amazed that with help, he was able to read a simple book by himself independently! This has really helped him to catch up with his peers in class.

On the other hand, my boy has a long way to go to master the Chinese language! He does not like it as much as English. He also has his moods and would refuse to write or colour if he doesn't want to! *sigh*

Nevertheless, there's still so much to celebrate and be thankful to God for. He recently started to pee in the toilet and we therefore don't have to buy as many diapers (hooray!).

Since my boy loves buses, especially the iconic red London buses, we decided to have a London Bus themed mini party to celebrate his 4th birthday =)

This year I decided to relax and engage the help of my very talented BFF from D'Cor-d to help me with the party.

Party gifts for the kids in his class
Gifts for the kids in the other classes
I really love the wooden vehicles she got! The kids loved it!!
Very simple party for his friends in school

I gotta say, my BFF is really a genius in decorating cakes... Much better than me!

Really love the cake! So pretty!
Singing "Happy Birthday" and getting him to blow out the candle light
Left: The sister and I wanted to help but the boy was like, "noooooo";
Right: Helping him to cut the cake. 

Enjoying his chocolate hazelnut cake
(and I know this because he willingly looked at the camera and took this photo with a smile!) 

In case you are wondering, the kids are wearing matching customised t-shirts that the girl and I designed in London's Primark Oxford Street!

Matching brother-sister t-shirts

After the party, we brought the kids to sit the Sentosa cable car because the boy really loves riding the cable car. This is his 4th time on the cable car because we got the Faber License Membership (which gives us unlimited cable car rides), yet he is still just as excited!

Super excited to ride the cable car again!
With the daddy, who is really only doing this for the kids *laughs*

My dear boy,

I'm so thankful to God for you. You are fiercely independent, insist to do things on your own and can play happily on your own. On the other hand, you also love to cuddle and shower us with lots of kisses. Your delightful, loud and unreserved laughter, which I know you definitely got from me, gives me great joy everyday. I pray that you will continue to be happy, loving and a well-rounded child as you grow up. Mummy and daddy love you very, very much! 😘

Happy 4th Birthday!


Past Birthday Parties:
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