Saturday 6 January 2018

My Sister's Wedding & Bachelorette Party

My sister is finally married!!! Woohoo!!! 😁

We've been waiting for this day for a long time so even though I've been really busy and even though it is soooooo late, I had to write this post!

The Bachelorette Party:

We, the bridesmaids, explored many options and decided that the sister would want something that she can relax with the people she love. We chose to do massages at New V Spa, located at Superbowl Jurong, because it was value for money.

New V Spa
The mandatory crown and sash for the Bride-to-be!
Looks good sister! 😄

Massage packages came with unlimited use of the jacuzzi, sauna, movie room and even free food!

Buffet area to help ourselves to the food
Nice area for chit chat

We were each given a locker and a change of clothes so that we can be more comfortable when hanging out at the spa.

This wrist band is required to unlock the locker
All changed and ready for our massages! 💆🏻‍♀️

Left: Super comfortable movie room;
Right: Sauna.
Clockwise from left: Me after a soak in the jacuzzi and a nice warm shower;
Shower facilities;
Don't worry about being naked, they provide disposable underwear!

We had a great time of fellowship together! Glad to have done this with the girls!

The Pre-Wedding Prep:

There are a million things to prepare for the wedding but I'll just talk about my favourite parts!

Gown-fitting with the sister at The Gown Warehouse
Manicure and Pedicure for the bride and I
Hair treatments at my favourite local salon, De Hair Worz
Awesome service by the staff at De Hair Worz!

We were all prettified for the Big Day! 💅💋💇🏻‍♀️

Bridemaids final preparations

There's only so much you can do to prepare. You can only hope for the best on the actual day! *laughs*

The Morning Bride Pick-Up:

As with our usual Chinese custom, the bridesmaids arrived early at the bride's house to prepare the food for the Groom's entourage.

The Bridesmaids 😁
Preparing 酸甜苦辣 Sour Sweet Bitter Spicy
Popped in to check on the beautiful bride!

We're finally all ready for the groomsmen, who were given the go-ahead to come up!

Groom's entourage
(Photo taken by Official Wedding Photographer)

We played the usual gate-crashing games before the groom could meet the bride. I was very adamant that we should never torture or humiliate the groom's entourage in any way as I really hated it when bridesmaids do that (it shows a lack of class)!

Since the objective was to test the groom's determination to get to the bride, this can be done through a series of puzzles and fun challenges! As a Professor Layton Nintendo DS game fan (meaning I play and solve puzzles for fun), I thought the best way to do it will be to incorporate my 'escape room' idea. The groom had to figure out the answer to series of questions and puzzles in order to obtain a code to unlock the gate. Super fun! 😄

Thankfully the morning activities went by without much difficulties!

The Holy Matrimony:

I was the sister's wedding coordinator so I had to give the groom's house a miss and go straight to the church to ensure a smooth set up.

Set up of the reception table
Lighted up wooden balls all the way down the aisle in the few churches in Singapore that still had pews!
Signing table with decorations that I had bought from Melbourne
The only photo of our family. I was so busy that we didn't even get to take a decent one at the photo booth!

It was such a mad rush to get everything set up in time! It's not easy being a wedding coordinator!

Soon it was time for the bride's March-In. The sister wanted the bridesmaids to march in before the flower girl and page boy.

With the page boy and flower girl before the march in
(Photo taken by Official Wedding Photographer)

We specially bought the flower girl dress from a store in DFO Essendon in Melbourne. The dress is legit a miniature version of a wedding dress and made of lace, chiffon and organza! Super beautiful!

Exited for the march-in!
(after I took this photo with my phone camera just before the march-in, I hid my phone in my girl's flower basket. Smart right? *laughs* #photoaddict) 
Here comes the bride!
(Photo taken by Official Wedding Photographer)
The Holy Matrimony
Lighting of the unity candles, signifying 2 becoming 1

It was a beautiful ceremony!

With the couple at the end of the matrimony when everyone is feasting at the lunch reception

Was exhausted after the ceremony but so grateful that everything went well!

The Chinese Banquet:

There was no break for the bride and I, who headed straight to Singapore Swimming Club for hair and makeup. Thanks to the sister and brother-in-law for the makeover!

The bride and I busy with hair and makeup
Mine and the bride's finished hair looks from behind

On hindsight, I realised I would have looked much better with my hair down! Oh well, I have never had my hair tied up like Rapunzel before so it was a fun change!

The mum also had her hair and makeup done! Weddings are a good excuse to get dolled up! 😜

The bride wore the traditional red Chinese kua for Chinese tea ceremony before the banquet. After helping out for the tea ceremony, we had the chance to finally have a decent photo with the couple!

Our family with the bride and groom
(Photo taken by Official Wedding Photographer)

After tea ceremony, I had to get the bride changed into her wedding dress for their first March-In for the banquet.

This was the only photo I had of the girl as a flower girl in action!!!! Thank God for the photographer!!!
(Photo taken by Official Wedding Photographer)
Managed to capture the moment from the back and it wasn't even very nice!

After the couple took photos with half of their guests, I helped the bride change into her stunning royal blue evening gown for the 2nd March-In. I love this dress!

With the stylish couple in their coordinated blue outfits (love the train on the sister's dress!)
One of my favourite photos of the night!
(Photo taken by Official Wedding Photographer)

Once again congrats to my sister and my new brother-in-law! Although I was dead tired at the end of the night and may likely never want to be a wedding coordinator ever again, I will still do it for you because I love you! 😘 Have a blissful and blessed marriage! 🤵👰
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