Sunday 12 March 2017

Melbourne II Day 2: Naturipe Fruits Picking & DFO Essendon

We're off to Naturipe Fruits this morning because the information on their website said that the fruit-picking season will end today. It took us approximately 45 minutes to get there.

Naturipe Fruits
(Address: 638 Bacchus Marsh Rd, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340, Australia)

We had previously picked apples at Paynes Orchard and picked strawberries at Yarra Valley Gateway Estate (this was done early May). As it's the start of autumn this time, we could do both at Naturipe Fruits! =)

Lovely weather to be picking fruits!

It's very happening here at Naturipe Fruits as they had a musician singing popular tunes to entertain the crowd and a bouncy castle to entertain the kids!

Scooby Doo Bouncy Castle for the kids

You can pick all sort of fruits such as cherries, peaches, strawberries and apples depending on the season (you should check their website for more information on the exact dates). When we were there in mid-March, it was the season for strawberries and apples! We got our buckets from the counter and were all ready to pick them ourselves! =)

Left: It was only AUD10/kg for strawberries and AUD3.50/kg for apples;
Right: With the blue buckets used to store apples
(you're supposed to use the transparent plastic container for strawberries but we ended up putting them in the blue buckets as well because it was easier to carry)

We decided to pick apples first and headed to the apple trees located towards the back of the farm.

Rows and rows of apple trees!
This type of apples that was in season is called Golden Delicious. I preferred Pink Lady but it was not in season.
My boy was initially very apprehensive but once he got the hang of it, it was all smiles!

He still prefers eating them though and went on to bite on the apple before we could say, "noooo!" Ah well. Nothing beats apples fresh off a tree I suppose *laughs*

So many Golden Delicious, which should we choose?! =)
Our bushel of apples that we bought

It was strawberry-picking next, after we were done picking our apples.

Rows and rows of big, red and juicy strawberries!
The boy immediately reached his hand out to pick a strawberry and then proceeded to PUT IT INTO HIS MOUTH! Hahaha! I guess fresh strawberries were too irresistible!
Bright red and ripe for harvesting!

Taking turns to pick the strawberries
Left: "I really, really want to eat this strawberry but mummy says must wait. Why must I wait?!?!"
Right: Super happy to pick strawberries even though the sun was beating down on us!
The strawberries looked so good that everyone couldn't resist taking a bite! So yummy! =)

The strawberries were definitely sweeter than those we had picked at Cameron Highlands.

Our punnet of strawberries! Yum!

Once you're done with picking the fruits, bring them to the weighing counter to weigh and make payment. You can choose to pick more strawberries than you can finish (like we did) so that you can make fresh strawberry jam with the additional ones back at the apartment. I am still enjoying Chef Grandma's homemade strawberry jam back in Singapore! So yummy!

Alternatively, you can also grab their strawberry jam at AUD6 per jar.

If you're too lazy to pick the strawberries yourself, you can also buy them pre-packed and ready to go.

The farm is so generous with their strawberries that they put a whole punnet of them on a large plate for people to sample for free!

As if eating them on the fields wasn't enough, my greedy boy ate some from the sample tray as well! Sigh.

I think the boy had the most fun out of all of us! *laughs*

We spent the rest of our day shopping at DFO Essendon. We had been to this DFO outlet previously but this time, it was their Labour Day long weekend so they were having massive sales.

DFO Essendon

Fossil was going at 60% discount, Seafolly and Kathmandu had additional 20% on top of clearance prices and Bonds had additional 40% storewide. And these are just the stores that I was interested in! There were so many others but we only had 3 hours!

40% off storewide at Bonds including clearance items!!

The shopping was so awesome that we continued our shopping tomorrow (Labour Day public holiday) at another DFO outlet! *grin*

We stayed till DFO Essendon was closed at 6pm and continued our shopping at Coles (Prahran), which was located very near to our apartment.

On Chapel Street
Coles Supermarket at Prahran

Different things are on offer at Coles as compared to Woolworths (or Wollies as the locals call it) so do visit both to compare (I know, I sound like one of those market aunties but no one hates a good deal. No one!).

Our dinner lovingly prepared by Chef Grandma! All of the meat was from Prahran Market. Sooo yummy! =D

Yes, we are indeed very lucky to have Chef Grandma on this trip! Such a delicious end to a good day =)

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