Friday 8 May 2015

Melbourne Day 8: Apple-Picking at Paynes Orchards

It's our last full day in Melbourne (sadly) so we decided to go apple-picking in one of the few farms that still had apples for picking. Paynes Orchards is located approximately 50 minutes from our apartment and is closed on Monday to Wednesday so do remember to avoid those days if you would like to visit as well.

Paynes Orchards
(Address: 372 Bacchus Marsh Road, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340, Australia;
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 10am – 3pm; Closed on Monday to Wednesday)

Paynes Orchard does not charge entry fees. Instead, they charge AUD 3 for each kilogram of apples that you pick. Dirt cheap for fresh apples if you ask me!

All ready with our buckets to store the apples we pick

Lucky for us the Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples were ready for picking! Pink Lady is my favorite because it's very sweet! =)

Pink Lady this way!
Kids were in a good mood, picking apples from the ground
Girl picking an apple from the lower branches

Bro-in-law climbed up the tree to reach the bigger and shinier apples grown higher up. It was his first time climbing a tree and he was beyond thrilled!

Brother-in-law in the tree
(don't worry this is not dangerous, apple trees are not very tall)

I would much rather pluck those closer to the ground though. We had sooo much fun!

Look at how red and bright the apples were! *yum*
Chomp chomp!

After filling up our bucket with Pink Lady apples, we went to check out the Granny Smith apples.

Granny Smith
Clockwise from left: reaching the apples using one of the ladders we found!;
Girl enjoyed picking apples from the source!;
Boy trying to eat the apple straight from the tree! *laughs*
So many apples! Yum!

We didn't pick all the apples of course. We were afraid that we couldn't finish them if we picked too many. On hindsight though, my girl ate so many apples that I only got to eat one!!! *grrr*

Walking back to the shack to get our apples weighed
(you can see the satisfied look on my girl's face!)

After weighing the apples, we paid only about AUD 5 for them! Super duper cheap and fresh! We would highly recommend that you bring your kids here for fun & learning. I'm sure the whole family will love it!

After apple-picking, we went back to Prahran Market to buy fresh supplies for our dinner. The family liked Prahran Market because of its proximity to our apartment and the cheap seafood. We also stumbled upon an Asian grocery store by chance, which led to many purchases by a very excited mum-in-law.

Lee's Asian Grocery

When we were done with our shopping, we returned to our apartment and walk around in Vogue Plaza, the mall in the same building as our apartment. There was a small little play area on Level 2, just enough for the kids to play for awhile.

Little play area at Vogue Plaza

We decided to have our lunch at Dumpling King, which served various Asian delicacies at reasonable prices.

Dumpling King
Had a bowl of beef noodles

We kinda liked the noodles; chewy, filling and best of all hot and spicy! =)

Finally, we spent the rest of the day shopping at Big W, a great place to grab last minute purchases with whatever Aussie dollar we had left (which wasn't a lot!).

Can't believe it's our last night at Melbourne! Going to miss this place!

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