Saturday 9 May 2015

Melbourne Day 9: Hungry Jacks, Flight Back & My Reflections

It was our last day in this beautiful apartment so we took a few more photos as momento. It has been an awesome nine days here in Melbourne and we were very reluctant to leave the cool weather and go back to super hot Singapore.

Girl and me

We finally packed up our bags and headed to the car rental depot to return our car and have lunch.

Interesting structure along the expressway
(Melbourne is very artsy, love the architecture!)

We had lunch at Hungry Jacks (again!) because of this:

Hungry Jacks
(located next to the car rental depot)
Huge playground structure! My girl was so happy!
"Can you see me mummy?"
Baby Boy couldn't climb the structure so all he could do is walk in and out of this cute little house
He had great fun though

"Enjoy the playground," I said to my girl, "we're going back to Singapore today."
"Noooooo!!!" my girl cried, "I want to stay here and playyy!" Ah well, don't we all.

Fries from Hungry Jacks

After we returned the car, we took the free shuttle to the airport where we waited for almost 2 hours for our flight (we were really early).

Exploring the airport since we had so much time to spare
Resting area with TVs and comfy sofas in the terminal while we waited for our flight

Finally we were on the plane back to Singapore. Thank God for a safe journey home where both kids did great on the flight.

Girl eating her dinner and watching Cinderella

My Reflections

I love how artsy Melbourne is, and how there are so many Asians living there that people keep thinking we're one of the locals. Because of that, we're always able to find Asian stuff that we can buy and cook so that we don't feel so far away from home. We love the wildlife nature reserves, the farms, the shopping and the fresh food! Nothing like eating organic everyday at relatively cheap prices =)

We'll definitely go back again when Baby Boy is older and can enjoy the playgrounds like his sister (or when I study in Australia one day). Until then, it's goodbye for now =)

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