Tuesday 5 May 2015

Melbourne Day 5: Queen Victoria Market

After two days of road trips, we wanted to take a break and explore the famous Queen Victoria Market, which is just 20 minutes from our apartment.

Queen Victoria Market
(Address: Address: 513 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.
Opening Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 6am – 2pm;
Friday, 6am – 5pm (general merchandise till 3pm);
Saturday, 6am – 3pm; Sunday, 9am – 4pm;
Closed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Public Holidays.)

Do note that Queen Victoria Market is closed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Public Holidays so make sure that you plan your visit on the right day.

A nice sunny yet windy day for shopping!
Clear signage to parking

Mum-in-law loves Queen Victoria Market! She bought something from almost every stall! *laughs*

The only decent photo I took because I was too engrossed with shopping hah!

We bought placenta cream, winter jackets, blankets, t-shirts, Australia souvenirs, handmade bags, fresh fruits and vegetables. I also managed to find a pair of authentic UGG boots among all the many fakes that other sellers were selling. You can tell your boots are real by checking: 1) paper tag for authentication, 2) fabric tag on the inside of the boots and 3) that the soles are engraved with the UGG logo (all of the fakes I saw did not have a logo on their soles and from experience, all good brands have their brand logo on the soles of the shoes).

A photo of me with my boots later that night.
My UGG boots have got to be my favourite purchase of the trip :D

We were so busy shopping that we almost did not want to have our lunch. We stumbled upon a food court near the seafood stalls and had our lunch there while the baby took his nap.

Small food court with Chinese food
Managed to find a table in a very crowded food court!

After lunch, we checked out the seafood stalls next door. The sellers here were really aggressively shouting and promoting their wares. We managed to buy quite a lot of food for dinner tonight at relatively cheap prices! =P

Buying prawns from a seller, who threw in a few more to make you more convinced to buy
Fresh prawns, scallops and more

We were feeling adventurous, so we decided to try cooking live Moreton Bay Bugs.

Moreton Bay Bugs that were still moving when we bought them! Talk about fresh! 

We also got the Ocean Perch and Red Snapper Fillet from the same stall because they looked so good!

Ocean Perch and Swordfish
(fresh from the ocean!)
King Salmon, Red Snapper Fillet and very fresh tuna

Do note that the Ocean Perch has a lot of tiny bones, hence, the Red Snapper Fillet may be more suitable for young kids.

We had wanted to continue shopping at the retail stalls but they were starting to close; I had completely forgotten that they closed early at 2pm on Tuesday! It was a mad rush to make our final purchases before heading to the carpark.

Pay for your parking ticket here
(Parking is not cheap; cost us approximately AUD 20)

If you've got more time, you can pop by Chinatown just 5-10 minutes away as it is also known for shopping and very tasty (albeit expensive) Chinese food. We reasoned that we would rather go to a DFO as we can probably go to a Chinatown anytime (no matter whether in Singapore or neighbouring countries).

So off we went to DFO Essendon located about 20 minutes away to continue our day of shopping (much to the bro-in-law's dismay as he personally feels that a whole day of shopping is torture).

DFO Essendon
(Address: 100 Bulla Road, Essendon Fields, Victoria 3041, Australia
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm)

Carpark is free! We should have come to this DFO instead of the one at South Wharf to save on parking! Oh well.

As usual we were all too busy shopping to take any pictures of the place. I did however take a picture of one of the many clothes we had bought for the kids when we returned home!

Full length body suit from Carters. Super duper cute!
(You only got so much time to wear a one piece suit and still look cute so I'm milking it for all it's worth!!)

Mum-in-law and hubby prepared the food for dinner as I'm no good in the kitchen.

Hubby peeling off the shell of the Moreton Bay Bugs
Clockwise from bottom: Fresh prawns simply stir-fried, Moreton Bay Bugs (not sure how it's cooked but it was good!), Eggs and spring onion, Ocean Perch and Red Snapper, Chai Sim.
(All ingredients were freshly bought from Queen Victoria Market)
Close up of the eggs with spring onion

I didn't manage to take a picture of the pork steak my mum-in-law bought but it was damn good (better than those sold in Prahran Market). The only thing we didn't like were the prawns (those at Prahran Market were tastier).

I say definitely make a trip down to Queen Victoria Market if you've got the time. We loved it =)

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