Saturday 2 May 2015

Melbourne Day 2: Prahran Market & Outlet Shopping at DFO

We almost couldn't wake up this morning as we were all so tired. Added to the fact that Melbourne is 2 hours behind Singapore, we were actually waking up at 7am Singapore time even though it was already 9am in Melbourne.

We had a quick homecooked breakfast before setting out for Prahran Market, which is just 15 minutes from our apartment. Prahran Market is a good place to buy fresh vegetables, meat and most importantly, seafood.

Driving on the road where the drivers are friendlier than Sydney but it's definitely not Brisbane
Prahran Market
(Address: 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia;
Opening hours: 7am - 5pm)
In a really good mood to explore Melbourne
Lovely spread of fresh fruits and vegetables!
Cheong fruits and vegetables
We found vegetables that we're used to here, so happy to find familiar food
This mushroom store has won many awards! 
Wide variety of mushrooms that was quite value for money. Being mushroom lovers, obviously we bought some and they were very fresh and crunchy! :)

The hubby's favourite had to be the seafood section (what's new?). There were a few stores but we ended up choosing Prahran Seafoods because the service was good and the food looked pretty awesome.

Prahran Seafoods
Good variety of seafood including fresh sea urchins!
Kids entertaining themselves while waiting

We bought enough to feed a family of 10 methinks! *laughs*

The best part is the parking, which cost us only AUD 2.50 for approximately 1-2 hours! Quite reasonable if you consider the prices of some of the other carparks in Melbourne.

We made a quick stop at our apartment to drop off all the produce in the fridge before heading to our first DFO of our trip, DFO South Wharf. (address: 20 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne VIC 3006). It's also just 15 minutes away from our apartment.

It was quite enjoyable shopping at DFO especially since the exchange rate between AUD and SGD was almost 1:1! We bought quite a number of clothes and shoes for the kids. My girl got yet another pair of Sketchers (she already got a pair from Sydney) for just AUD39! =)

She's so thrilled with her new pair of Sketchers with blinking lights

We also stumbled onto a nice playground at Level 2. My girl was so excited that she removed her shoes even before we reached the entrance!

Pirate ship mini playground
Baby Boy was very apprehensive at first but he soon warmed up. Girl on the other hand, was more than happy to explore the structure on her own!

When we finally done with our shopping, we decided to head back to our apartment so that mum-in-law will have time to cook dinner.

Carpark at DFO

Parking was a whopping $40! Lucky for us some of the stores offered half price parking with every purchase so we only had to pay $20 =S

On hindsight, we should have gone to a DFO with free parking (which incidentally we did a few days later).

There's a swimming pool and sauna in our building so we decided to go check it out while the mum-in-law cooked (she prefers to have peace while she cooked).

Sauna, which wasn't hot enough according to the hubby and bro-in-law
Water was super duper cold in the pool!
So we ended up spending most of our time in the hot tub / jaccuzi, which was invitingly hot and bubbly
(Don't know why hubby looked so happy haha)
Love our family photo =)

We returned to our apartment to help mum-in-law with dinner.

Baking the scallops that we bought from Prahran Market in the oven
Look at the spread! *yum*
(Now I know why I got fat!)
Super fresh and cheap oysters
Fresh and chewy prawns from Prahran Seafoods, the best dish of the night (and the whole trip for that matter)
 Clockwise from top left: Sea urchin from Claringbolds, which was terrible!;
Rice with asparagus;
Oven-baked scallops with cheese;
Carrot, potato and chicken soup.

Dinner was sooooo good that I think I overate! *sigh*

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the lovely view from the balcony while freezing slightly because the temperature dipped to 10 degree Celsius.

Night view from our apartment was just as breathtaking!
Had to cover Baby Boy with a hat and gloves

We were having such a great time we forgot that it was the wedding anniversary of the hubby and I! (This trip was meant to celebrate in the first place).

Oh well...

 Happy 6th Anniversary to Us! 

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