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Ipoh-CH Day 3: Boh Tea, Strawberry, Cameron Lavender & Bee Farms

It's been at least 15-20 years since I have visited Cameron Highlands. We were so excited to bring the kids to visit the farms just as our parents did when we were younger.

Our first farm for the day was Boh Tea Garden, home to the famous Boh Tea. The drive to the tea plantation is really narrow with a lot of blind spots so do proceed with caution. If you're not confident with your driving, there are plenty of tea plantations that you can visit with less treacherous roads.

Clockwise from left: Met a wandering goat on the way to Boh Tea Estate;
Another tea plantation we passed on the way;
A farm at the bottom of Boh Tea Estate.
It's one road that must accommodate both cars going up and down. There are a lot of blind spots as you are rounding the bends so there are signboards that are put up requesting that you sound the horn when you are turning the corner.
Welcome to Boh Tea Estate
(Address: Boh Road Habu, 39200 Ringlet, Pahang, Malaysia)

On arrival, the security guard will direct you to the carpark. After parking your car, wait for the yellow bus which will bring you to the Boh Tea Estate further up the mountain.

Boarding the yellow bus to Boh Tea

The bus was very cramped so if you're pregnant or have health issues, don't go! It was such a relief to have finally arrived at the plantation.

The first thing we did was hike up to the View Point for the best view of the plantation. As the climb can be quite steep, the mum-in-law and my boy gave it a miss.

Warning Signboard at the bottom
The girl insisted on climbing with the hubby and I
Almost there!

The climb was pretty ok for us; it took us about 10-15 minutes. The view at the top was pretty worth the climb! =)

We have reached the peak! #cheapthrill

More photos at the peak before heading back down

One of the highlights of visiting Boh Tea Estate is drinking their tea fresh on premise!

We ordered both the iced and hot tea
The pastries and cake were really good as well

Definitely recommend taking a break and having a bite here before heading to the next farm =)

Taken while waiting for the bus to take us to the carpark

We headed to Big Red Strawberry Farm next because it is a must to pick strawberries when you're at Cameron Highlands!

Clockwise from left: Pick your own strawberries for RM 25!;
Very steep roads up to Big Red Strawberry Farm;
At the entrance of Big Red Strawberry Farm.
Clockwise from left: Don't leave without taking a picture with their huge mascot! =);
Rows and rows of other plants besides strawberries;
Walking through the farm and checking out the produce.
The kids look sooo cute in this photo!

We paid a deposit for the plastic containers at the counter before we were allowed into the strawberry-picking section to pick the strawberries. They only allowed two adults per container so we had to get two containers.

Head to the counter to get your containers
Clockwise from left: The girl excitedly cutting strawberries the minute she entered;
We were given a plastic container and a pair of scissors;
Rows and rows of strawberries waiting for people to bring them home =D.
Left: My girl showing how it is done;
Right: Big Red Strawberry indeed! *yum*

Previously when we first brought the kids to pick strawberries in Melbourne, my boy was still very young so wasn't able to do it himself (I had to help him). This time, however, he was able to hold the scissors and cut the strawberries himself with some assistance from us (to ensure he doesn't cut what he was not supposed to be cutting!).

Having a blast cutting every strawberry that he sees!

My kids enjoyed themselves tremendously! It's the kind of experience that you can't get easily here in urban Singapore.

Showing off their loot
(I had to control them from cutting too many strawberries because we can't possibly eat all of them!)

After getting our strawberries weighed and paying for them, we had our afternoon tea at the cafe.

We ordered their famous strawberry donut and waffles. They are ok if you are a fan of strawberries, which I am not. The strawberry smoothie was also too sweet for my liking.

Our next stop was Lavender Garden. I'd bet most of you never knew that such a placr exist in Cameron Highlands =)

Lavender Garden
(Address: Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 39100 Pahang, Malaysia)

They charged an entry fee of RM 8 per adult and RM 5 per child, which was very reasonable in my opinion.

Such a cute car!

As its name suggests, the garden featured all the different types of Lavender in Asia.

Clockwise from top left: Mona Lavender;
Lavender from Taiwan;
Lavender from Hokkaido;
Lavender from China.

Besides viewing the beautiful purple blooms, Lavender Garden also provided us with a lot of photo opportunities! The decoration makes you feel like you had walked into another world.

Clockwise from left: Somewhat like a photo booth to take pictures with their cute Lavender dolls (which they sell in their shop if you want to take home as souvenirs);
Cute bird houses lined the Lavender Garden;
Grab a bite of their Lavender ice-cream! We loved it =)
A lovely photo of me and the kids =)
Family photo with the very colourful flowers

Besides the Lavender Garden featured on the ground floor, the attraction also featured a mini "Alive Museum" style area with lots more photo opportunities at the upper level! =)

This way to the upper level
Left: Lavender Garden swing;
Right: Mum-in-law the butterfly and her girl.
This reminds me of the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe!
Pretty Cinderella-like castle with a real fountain
Angel girl and Super Boy
(whose superpower is the ability to float without wings)
One of my favourite family photos! =)

We also had fun taking pictures at the big castle and its surroundings.

The Cameron Lavender Castle
Clockwise from left: On the mini bridge;
With the 7 dwarfs;
Cameron Lavendar water fountain.
Cute little windmills remind me of Europe

You can also pick strawberries and flowers here for a fee.

Buying snacks while exiting Lavender Garden

Overall, we really enjoyed taking photos here! I highly recommend visiting especially if you love to take pictures like I do =)

Our final stop for the day was the Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm. The kids were pretty tired out by then so we didn't explore the place much.

Bee Farm and Bee Hive Maze

We ended up just grabbing a jar of honey for a friend and left. If you're not really into bees, best to give this a miss. The Desaru bee farm is closer to home and also sells pretty decent honey.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves at Cameron Highlands. The water was nicer and the farms were cool. I highly recommend it for families =)

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