Friday 16 December 2016

Ipoh-CH Day 2: Copthorne Cameron Highlands & Cameron Square

The next morning, we had buffet breakfast at Tiffin, WEIL Hotel.

Simple breakfast at the restaurant

After hanging out at the hotel room till check out, we proceeded to the famous Ipoh Kong Heng Restaurant for our lunch.

Ipoh Kong Heng Restaurant
(Address: 75 Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak)
Clockwise from left: Me and my cheerful kids;
It's really like a mad-house here! We're so happy that we got a seat!;
Order the coffee and tea, they're awesome! The dessert? Not so much (don't order it).

It's a lot like Hong Kong at this restaurant where the staff mostly speaks in Cantonese and talks to you like you're slow. You can't even ask one question too many because they will glare at you like you're the idiot who did not do your homework before going. Unlike Hong Kong though, I felt the food was not good enough or worth my effort to tolerate the bad service. I'd rather go back to Woolley Food City, which we did!

Finally manage to try their famous char kuay teow

After lunch, we stopped by JJ Roll to grab some of their famous swiss rolls before heading for Cameron Highlands.

JJ Roll
We chose the mixed flavour box which comes with chocolate, pandan, coffee and vanilla.
My personal favourite is the chocolate and pandan.

The road up Cameron Highlands was better than expected; it wasn't uneven or narrow. However, as with all mountains, the road is very winding so you may experience nausea if you're prone to motion-sickness like my hubby, mum-in-law and my girl. I'm quite lucky and seldom have a problem with motion-sickness.

There is only one road up and down though so if they are doing road works or if there are a lot of cars, there might be a jam. Do factor this in to your travelling time.

Love the awesome view! =)

It took us about 1.5 hours to arrive at our hotel, Copthorne Cameron Highlands, because we were stuck in a jam caused by road works.

We chose Copthorne for their brand name and location (it's situated at almost the peak of Cameron Highlands).

Copthorne Cameron Highlands
(Address: Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia)
Average temperature here is 18 degrees celcius, which is lowest temperature that we experienced when we were there since Copthorne is located at the peak. Other parts of Cameron Highlands were definitely warmer.
This is 1628 metres above sea level! Pretty high up!
The check-in lobby
Kids having fun with the Christmas display while the daddy checks in

The hubby booked a 2 Bedroom Apartment at S$228 per night. The apartments were located in smaller terrace buildings beside the main hotel. The apartment buildings had their own carpark space so you don't have to park at the hotel's carpark. The downside: we had to lug our luggage up the stairs to the 3rd floor because there aren't any lifts. I suggest travelling light or only bringing your essentials if you ever choose to stay here.

Left: Our room on the 3rd floor;
Right: view of the road below from the entryway to our room.
Living room
Clockwise from left: The doors to our two rooms;
The room on the left has two single beds for the mum-in-law and my girl;
Dining table.
Bathroom with shower
Bare toiletries
Clockwise from left: The room on the right comes with a king size bed;
The wardrobe is so big that it can fit a grown person. As the room gave me the creeps, I made sure to check it every time we were in the room just in case!;
The super huge balcony that allows us to take in the awesome view;
Chairs at the balcony.
The kids spotted the playground just below our apartment!
(you can see how the apartment buildings look like in the background)

The apartment was very spacious but very old! Everything felt like it was going to break any time soon. Plus it can be noisy at night when the neighbours talk really loudly at the balcony, although that was easily fixed with a call to the reception who sent their security guards to warn the perpetrators.

However, nothing could be worse than coming back from a long day at the farms in the late evening to find the main door to your apartment room wide open!!!! It's likely that the cleaners forgot to close the door after they were done!!! *gasp*

Thankfully our room was located on the 3rd floor and no one was staying in the neighbouring room. None of our valuables were lost and no suspicious person was hiding anywhere (we made sure to check every cupboard and corner!).

But this experience really broke the camel's back for us and we vowed never to stay here again if we ever come back (at least not in the apartments, maybe the main hotel is ok)! Plus, I always felt a bit uneasy when I'm in the apartment. I don't feel very welcomed, if you know what I mean *creepy*

The only good thing was probably the close proximity to the playground downstairs. The kids liked it very much!

Clockwise from left: Sliding down fee slide!;
Love the view of the mountains from our balcony;
The full playground as taken from our balcony.

After we have unpacked, we headed to the nearest and biggest mall, Cameron Square, for our dinner.

Cameron Square
(Address: Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia)

Cameron Highlands is very famous for their charcoal steamboat. Initially the hubby wanted to bring us to a very famous one located about 30 minutes away but decided against it after considering that the mum-in-law might not survive the trip back (if she pukes everything we had eaten, it'll probably defeat the purpose). Hence, we settled for Home Town Steamboat, a charcoal steamboat located at the first floor of Cameron Square.

Home Town Steamboat
Cooked over charcoal!

We went a bit crazy, ordering almost everything that we liked from the menu.

Clockwise from top left: Pushcart for putting our dishes because the table could not accommodate;
Beef and scallops;
Fresh prawns;
This fish paste is soooo good!
Clockwise from top left: Fish, udon and meatballs for the kids;
Super duper cute bear fish cakes for the kids! They loved it!;
Boiled by charcoal;
You can choose two different soup base.

Overall I enjoyed the food! The soup was just right and the ingredients were fresh and delicious. Definitely a must-try! =)

The kids spotted the amusement park, Holidays Park, in the day and clamoured to go after dinner. We relented because rides were a lot cheaper in Malaysia due to the exchan

Holidays Park was lighted up to draw us in!
Left: me and my girl with a replica of Bumblebee!;
Right: The full price list of all the rides.

My favourite ride was the ferris wheel so I got the kids to ride that with me (cost: MYR 6.40 per person).

The full Ferris Wheel taken in the day
It goes pretty high up! The kids and I had so much fun!
A picture of us taken by the hubby

After the ferris wheel, the kids went to ride the other fun rides.

Clockwise from left: Drift Cars is really fun for the girl but terrifying for my boy!;
Merry-Go-Round and Aeroplane;
Kids love the Aeroplane!
Clockwise from left: Excavator is only MYR 5.30 (S$1.80) here!;
Train ride here is only MYR 4.30 (S$1.50) as compared to S$6 at Vivocity!;
Mum-in-law joined the kids for this ride around the mall. My boy loved it!
Such a pretty train reminds you of Christmas doesn't it?

So far so good at Cameron Highlands. We're super enjoying the weather so far! Can't wait to explore more tomorrow =)

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