Tuesday 27 December 2016

My Boy's Umizoomi 3rd Birthday!

I know I keep saying this but, I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY BOY IS 3!!!

How fast time flies. My boy is not only adapting well to his pre-school but he will be celebrating his birthday for the first time with his classmates.

Since my boy is a BIG fan of Team Umizoomi, the cartoon on Super Math Powers (and I can tell that my boy is really good at Math), we did an Umizoomi theme for his birthday.

I wanted something practical that the parents can use after the party so I went with recyclable bags with a special "customised" birthday label that I did myself affixed on them.

Thanks for coming Umifriend!

To be honest, I was kind of sick of receiving snacks and stationery in the birthday goody bags so for these bags, we bought art colouring sets and balloons instead. I find them more useful and fun for the children. Sorry kids, no fatty snacks for you this time!

On the actual day, I brought the goody bags and other DIY Umizoomi decorations to the school.

Me, busying decorating the cake while my boy looks on excitedly
Left: Printed a picture of Team Umizoomi and stuck chopsticks at the back;
Right: The final rainbow cake from Prima Deli with all the decorations.
Simple mini Umizoomi characters pasted on toothpicks and stuck on the fishballs and sausages.
Boy was so mesmerised by the cake in this family photo!

It's a very simple birthday celebration but I think the boy really enjoyed himself. He looked very serious when the kids were singing to him though (maybe stage fright? Haha!).

Cutting the cake
It's layers of rainbow inside as well!
My boy loves cake (like me hehe) so he got the biggest slice!

I helped the boy give out the goody bags after and he really loved it.

What colour do you want? Here you go!

After the birthday party, we brought the kids to Cool de Sac, where Harvest Kids (our church's children church ministry) members have free entry on weekdays (no need ticket entry any more)! #mychurchissocool *grin*

This is not the kid's first time to Cool de Sac (read about their first experience here) and will definitely not be the last. It's one of our favourite indoor playgrounds!

Running about going crazy on the play structures and Lego area
It's the first time he's getting his arm painted!
He chose an elephant from the list of pictures himself! My boy is so grown up haha!
It is finished! =)

They love getting their bodies painted here. I think the boy went around showing off his elephant for a few days.

Happy birthday my darling boy! May you always gain wisdom and stature as you grow up and find favour with God and with men in all that you do! Mummy loves you! =)
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