Monday 4 July 2016

Girl's Lego Friends 6th Birthday

The best thing about having a girl is being able to dress her in our favourite Disney Princess outfit for her birthday every year. This year was supposed to be Ariel in The Little Mermaid but I couldn't find an outfit that both of us could agree on (on hindsight, I probably should have bought an outfit when we visited Tokyo DisneySea last year). Eventually we decided to go with Lego Friends since she has more than 10 boxes of them and counting (I know right?! *laughs*).

Of course I Googled for ideas and decided to use a few that I think is doable for a time-strapped FTWM like me.

The first idea was to create DIY Lego necklaces for the kids to make themselves.

Bought a box of Lego Classics for the materials
(kept the rest for my kids to play with hehe)
Pick out the pieces that have holes in them so that you can thread the string through
Mix and match different shapes and sizes for the necklaces!

Here's a TIP from personal experience after observing the kids:
1) More Lego pieces does NOT mean it's better - the kids dropped a lot of the bigger pieces.
2) Small and flat pieces worked the best. If they had interesting details even better!

Packed them up into plastic bags and viola! =)
(the string I used was a simple elastic string that you can get anywhere)

Next was the Lego Goodie Bags, which were in the Lego Friends colours of pink and purple.

Got thick paper and colourful paper bags
(ideally the paper should not match the paper bag so that there will be enough contrast)
Drew circles with a water bottle I've got at home
Clockwise from left: Girl helped me to cut out the circles;
Stuck 6 of them on the bag and viola!;
All the bags ready for the party!

I thought it would also be fun to make Lego Jelly but since this mama is terrible in the kitchen, it was up to Chef Grandma to work her magic on this one.

The Lego Bricks mould I bought from Bricksworld
Chef Grandma pouring in the melted agar agar mixture

As I had only one mould, the whole process was super tedious!! Patient Chef Grandma took a few days before she was finally done. And the kids loved it!

The finished products all ready for the kids to savour
(could have been better presented but well who cares?
Nice to eat good enough right? *laughs*)

Finally, the cake! I decided the easiest will be to buy a simple rainbow cake and put my girl's Lego Friends on top! Cheap and good! =)

Washing the Lego parts with baby dishwashing liquid

I used the smallest structure I could find that could fit on the cake, added my girl's favourite character (Stephanie) and made a J out of pink Lego bricks. I think my girl was satisfied with the overall effect! =)

The end product! Love it =)
All ready for a party!

We started the kids with a short activity where they got to make their own Lego Necklaces. Most of them had fun =)

Putting the necklace together with instructions from the teachers
All done! Looks great right? =)
Singing happy birthday to my girl, after which she was more than eager to cut her own cake

We decided to let her wear a simple Lego Friends t-shirt to keep with the theme. There's always time for Disney next year.

The kids loving their rainbow cake and Lego agar agar jelly

I will greatly miss celebrating the girl's birthday in a small setting like this. Next year onwards, I'll have to find a venue to hold it (if the hubby allows me to hold a party for her that is).

She got new boxes of Lego Friends for her birthday present!

And her daddy got her a brand new pink bike! My kids are extremely blessed!!

I can't believe this is her last year in preschool and that she will be going to formal schooling next year! *gasp*

Happy 6th Birthday Darling!
Mummy loves you very, very much! *kisses*

Please don't grow up so quickly! =(
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