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Tokyo Day 6 (Part 1): Tokyo DisneySea

If you're feeling rich and got the time, you can consider having breakfast at Chef Mickey restaurant where you can meet Mickey in person! This privilege is only for guests of the Disney Ambassador Hotel =)

For us however, we decided to rush to Tokyo DisneySea (here's the map) in order to make it for the Happy 15 entry time (i.e. 15 minutes before the park opens). Tokyo DisneySea opened at 8am (the park opening hours vary so do check opening hours here) so we had to be on the Disney Resort Cruiser by 7.15am latest!

As we had to wake up early and rush for the park opening, we decided that the mum and hubby take their time (my kids can't possibly make it on time) while the sister and I went in early. I know, it was such a waste of our Happy 15 passes but it was the best arrangement for us.

The sister and I dashed for the only FASTPASS available 15 minutes before the park opens: Toy Story Mania at the AMERICAN WATERFRONT.

Tons of people queuing up for the FASTPASS
(you need to scan your tickets to get the FASTPASS)

After securing our FASTPASS, we thought we could dash for the other FASTPASS not realising that you could only get one FASTPASS per ticket per hour.

No one on the streets when we got in 15 minutes before the park opened! Was an awesome feeling! =)

However, since we were early, most of the rides in PORT DISCOVERY and LOST RIVER DELTA (the furthest away from the entrance) had very short queues so we just took the rides without needing the FASTPASS.

Our first ride was the famous Indiana Jones Adventure. Love it very much! Couldn't get the theme song out of head for the rest of the day! *laughs*

Indiana Jones Adventure
Managed to secretly take a shot of the vehicle that we'll be riding

Next, we sat on the StormRider, a 4D ride that exceeded our expectations (although the mum thought it was ok).

Storm Raider
Introduction before the ride

We decided to ride Toy Story Mania! before we met the family because we wanted to free up our FASTPASS for our next ride together. We were looking forward to the ride because we heard so many good reviews on it.

Toy Story Mania!
Left: Skipped the long 65 minute queue and reached the front in 1 minute (hurray for FASTPASS);
Right: Picked up our purple 3D glasses
The vehicle that we rode on

To be absolutely honest, I thought the ride was a bit overrated. After a while I couldn't feel my fingers as we were pressing the trigger like crazy. It was fun but probably not worth queuing for. Worth getting the FASTPASS for this so that you don't have to wait in line.

After the ride, we ran quickly to the entrance to pick up the rest of our family. As there was going to be a show in the MEDITERRANEAN HARBOUR, we waited around while the sister went to get more FASTPASS for the whole family.

Sister showing off her loot

And just in time too because the A Perfect Christmas show has begun!

Mickey and friends dancing on the main stage
Clockwise from left: Daddy had to carry Baby Boy on his shoulders so that he could see;
With the huge volcano in the background;
If you look carefully, you'll see Ariel and Jasmine on the boats.
Can you see Ariel and Eric? =)

I finally understand why the rooms of the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta is almost always fully booked! It's the only hotel located within the park itself, which means that you can even watch the show from the comforts of your room if you are lucky enough to get a room that faces the park!

The building is not for show, it is the hotel itself! Very smart design isn't it?

After the show, we headed for the attraction for which we got the FASTPASS: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea located at MYSTERIOUS ISLAND.

On the way to the ride, we stopped for my girl, who was dressed as Elsa, to take pictures with the castle in the background.
It's not Cinderella's castle but it will do.
At the empty FASTPASS pathway down to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

This attraction is pretty dark so you do need to hold younger kids close to you in case they freak out (as long as I squeezed my boy tightly, he was fine). Otherwise, we all had fun! Quite a unique experience you can't get anywhere else except Tokyo DisneySea so I strongly encourage you to try it! =)

Next, we visit Ariel at MERMAID LAGOON!

Girl and my favourite land in DisneySea.
So pretty and magical! =)

There's a pathway that leads down to Triton's Kingdom, an indoor facility that will shelter you from both the sun and the rain!

Triton's Kingdom
So beautiful right? Felt like we were under the sea!

There was a long queue at the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre (and we couldn't get the FASTPASS because we already got FASTPASS for another attraction) so we headed for the Blowfish Balloon Race ride instead. We liked to take kiddy rides because they usually have a shorter queue and all the members of the family can ride together.

Blowfish Balloon Race
Baby Boy was a bit apprehensive but as usual I forced him *laughs*
He was ok once we were in the air and there was really nothing to be afraid of.

We didn't go on the rest of the rides as we needed to return to Disney Ambassador Hotel to check out. Along the way we met Chip and Dale and (had to Google his name) Panchito Pistoles.

Chip (or Dale) (left) and Panchito Pistoles (right)

During check out, we dropped off our luggage at the Guests Service Counter so that they can forward them to our next hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (this was a free service for Disney Hotel guests).

After we had checked out of the room, we walked to neighbouring Ikspiari in search of a proper restaurant for lunch. The hubby was still bitter that we hadn't had a good meal ever since we arrived at Disneyland (I mean, who has time for real food when you're busy eating Disney fairy dust?! *laughs*).

Theatre Front, a whole floor decorated to look like old school American theatres, is located within Ikspiari

We searched for quite a while before we finally stumbled onto Wazen Satoinoko (I only know the name because it is written there! *laughs*). Hubby had a good feeling about this restaurant so in we went.

Wazen Satoinoko, located on Level 3 of Ikspiari
Since we hadn't had a proper meal in days, everyone ordered a set, including the girl.
She share it with Baby Boy and you can see by the way that they are slurping that it was good. So good =)
What the hubby and I ordered
(I think I ate like 5 years worth of rice in Japan! The rice here is so good!)
My sister's set. Yummy!

Honestly, I would much rather be running/queuing for one of the rides at Tokyo DisneySea than waste time sitting down for a proper meal. However, keeping the family happy was important in ensuring I had a good experience too so I relented. Besides, I need a good food boost as well =)

It is Christmas eve today! Almost forgot! =)
Baby Boy can finally fit into the Queen's Guard outfit we got him from London!
I suppose he can still pass as the prince if you don't look closely *laughs*

I rushed the family back to DisneySea so that we can get on with the programme. I mean, there're so much more of Tokyo DisneySea that we have not explored!

Back at Tokyo DisneySea! Kids and I look very elated! =)

We headed straight to ARABIAN COAST, modeled after Agrabah in Aladdin.

Arabian architecture
One of the nicest family photo of us at an "Arabian shop"

Our first ride was the Caravan Carousel, a two-storey carousel! That's a first for us! Because so many people can get on at the same time, the queue was one of the shortest I've ever seen for carousels (I mean, I had ever queued for 45 minutes for the carousel in USS!).

Caravan Carousel
Of course we chose the upstairs carousel even though it had a longer queue.
Girl was quick to "chope" a genie to ride on!

Next we rode on Jasmine's Flying Carpet, which is exactly like Disneyland's Dumbo.

Jasmine's Flying Carpet

The sister wanted to ride Journey to the Centre of the Earth (the roller coaster ride located in the heart of the volcano) so she got the FASTPASS for that while also getting the FASTPASS for us for Magic Lamp Theatre (which she was happy to give a miss).

Holding area for Magic Lamp Theatre, where a snake told us a tale of long, long ago..
Baby Boy and daddy wearing their 3D glasses

The show was quite entertaining, though we missed the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre because of this (didn't have time to watch both).

My girl really wanted to meet Ariel at Ariel's Greeting Grotto but the wait time was 60 minutes (and it never decrease much no matter how many times we passed it)!

Ordinarily my mum and hubby would say no but for the sake of my girl, the former decided to wait at Triton's Kingdom with Baby Boy (who was asleep, thankfully!) while the latter queued together with us. The things they will do for their precious (not me, I was doing it for myself too so it didn't really count hahaha).

Left: So excited that we were queuing to meet Ariel!;
Right: It said 60 minutes but I think we waited for more like 75 minutes!

The waiting time was so long that the sun actually went down and we have not met Ariel yet! The sister also managed to join us after her ride (which she said was not thrilling at all.. rides at USS or Everland are better for the adrenaline junkies).

We literally waited from day to night..

The girl was surprisingly patient the whole time. She never complained about the wait and kept singing and entertaining herself while waiting. It is really amazing how patient she can be when she is waiting for something that she really wants.

After what seemed like forever, we finally reached the end of the queue and the girl got to meet Ariel! She was so star-struck that she had no words when Ariel asked her if she had seen her and Eric at the performance that morning.

Left: The photo we queued over an hour for
(the hubby and sister thought it wasn't worth it but seeing the look on my girl's face, I thought it was well worth it!);
Right: Girl got a big hug from Ariel (look at her face, she couldn't believe it!).

Personally, I enjoyed the encounter and was happy that Ariel took time to talk to my girl, asked her for her name and hugged her. The hubby thought she should just take the photo and get it over with so that the queue would move faster.  He was also disappointed that she wasn't wearing seashells, which I thought was ridiculous seeing as it was Christmas and freezing cold. What's wrong with what she was wearing?

In any case, all that matters is that my girl was happy (she really did look like she was still in a dream). My only gripe is that the lighting was so bad that we didn't get a decent looking picture =(

By the time we went back to Triton's Kingdom, it looked very different than it did in the day. A lot more magical!

Triton's Kingdom at night! Sooo nice!

It was about time for us to head to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel to check in as well as grab some dinner so we made our way to the entrance (yet again). Along the way, we stumbled upon the Fantasmic! performance at the MEDITERRANEAN HARBOR.

A wonderful light and special effects show on the water!
Pretty special effects light the night sky
(we had to carry the girl so that she could see what was happening)

The show was really fantastic! Definitely worth catching =)

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