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Seoul Day 3: Everland

As we were visiting Everland today, we had a quick breakfast of bread from Paris Baguette (of which I have become a super big fan!) in the hotel room. There isn't a free shuttle bus from our hotel but the hotel staff did give us simple instructions on how to get there. It was really expensive to take a cab (approximately S$80) so we did what the locals would do: take the subway! =)

We took the subway from Eujiro 4ga Station (Line 2) to Gangnam Station, Exit 10. Walk straight until you arrive at the bus stop in front of "WHO.A.U" and take bus #5002.

Gangnam Station
You'd need to walk quite a distance before you reach WHO.A.U
Bus No 5002 to Everland

You have to pay using your T-money card so it is worthwhile to get one at the beginning of your trip. The 45-minute journey on the bus was super uncomfortable and hot (for some reason there weren't any windows on our bus) but seeing as we only paid approximately S$2.50 per person and had a seat each while some people didn't, we really couldn't complain.

After the long bus ride, we arrived at a public bus terminal which was also the final stop of the bus route. Everyone got off and we followed the crowd to board a free shuttle bus that would take us to Everland.

Shuttle bus from bus terminal to Everland

To describe our long journey to Everland in my mother's own words, "Everland, Never End!" That was literally how far Everland was from Seoul. So glad that we were finally there! =)

Entrance to Everland

Remember to bring a printed copy of the Everland discount coupon for foreigners (thanks to Dominique for the tip) and present it at the ticketing counter to purchase the tickets at 32,000 won (approximately S$38) per adult instead of 40,000 won.

Beautiful tulips and architecture from all over the world greeted us as we entered the theme park while the sounds of excited Korean preschool children filled the air.

Colourful Tulips are in season!
First buildings that greeted us
Magical tree =)

It felt like we walked right into a story book. We spotted the Pororo 3D Adventure that was going to commence so we decided to join the crowd and watch it on behalf of my girl who would have loved it if she were here.

Pororo 3D Adventure show

It seemed to us that most of the visitors to Everland were Korean as the show was conducted totally in Korean with no subtitles at all. There were 3 parts to the show: 1) the pre-show where the audience had to sit on the floor and a staff engaged the children with songs and activities, 2) a live performance by the Pororo cast and 3) the actual 3D show. Aside from not being able to understand what was going on, we thought the 3D show wasn't too bad though it would be 10 times better if it were 4D (you know.. foam falling from the ceiling like the 4D show at Legoland).

After the show we had lunch at a nearby restaurant, which was reasonably priced and surprisingly tasty. And then it was off to explore the rest of the enormous park.

Beautiful scenery that's great for honeymooners =)

The park was so big that there was always something for everybody, young and old. Parents with young children would be pleased to know that there were many low impact rides suitable for young children.

Clockwise from top left: Storybook building that's actually a restaurant; Flying helicopters suitable for kids;
Bumper cars (so nostalgic); Oz Maze-Playground
No theme park is ever complete without the age old Carousel!

Thrill-seekers can also try the T-Express, a mega roller-coaster parked on the slope of a mountain.

The brave sister super excited to take on the challenge alone!
It was so big I only managed to capture half of it!
(Check out the almost 90 degree drop!)

The sister said it was the 2nd scariest ride that she had ever taken!

While waiting for the sister to get on the ride (the waiting time was 70 minutes long!), we decided to queue for the Safari World ride located just next to the T-Express. The waiting time was also a staggering 70 minutes as well!

Safari World
The lion pride
(If you look carefully, the male lion is *ahem* mating with a lioness on the left >.<)

We got to see the white tigers and lions up close and personal in the comfort of our bus. Even sexual activity did not escape our eyes.. *gasps*

The Safari Bus
The super huge Grizzly Bears!

Seeing the bears standing in their full stature, we could really understand fully why hosts of survival shows like Bear Grills would always caution against bears. Man, they are HUGE! These bears were not only good at showing off their size but could also perform tricks in exchange for treats. Super cute =)

Besides the Safari ride, there was also a Petting Zoo that was very suitable for young children. We used to have this in the Singapore Zoo (so sad) so I was really excited to see it! It's too bad my girl wasn't with us on this trip! =(

Petting Zoo
Clockwise from top left: Ducks; Rabbits; Mary had a little Lamb;
Super cute guinea pigs!
This sheep loved the patting so much it came right up to the fence and put its head near your hand so you would pat it!
The kids loved it!

There was also a mini zoo within Zootopia but we didn't manage to visit as there was no time!

Parents of babies and toddlers would also be happy to know that there are baby services located across the park. I couldn't go in to take a picture as each room always had a staff on duty to ensure that the rooms were not misused.

Baby Services at Everland

We decided to take the Ski Lifts to another part of the park as it looked like fun! =)

Ski lifts

These ski lifts can transport strollers and even wheelchairs! I was pretty impressed by how wheelchair/stroller friendly they were.

At the top was the Double Rock Spin and once again, the sister was the only one brave enough to ride it.

Double Rock Spin
Spot the sister who's upside down!

She said it was just as scary, if not scarier than the roller-coaster ride that she just went on! Don't ever underestimate the power of simple spinning chairs!

I wanted to take the Sky Cruise (i.e. cable cars) to yet another part of the park (yes it is that BIG!!) so we did!

Sky Cruise at Everland

The staff allowed strollers to travel on it without needing them to be closed so if your baby is sleeping, you do not need to carry him/her up. Super considerate right? =)

As my mum, the hubby and I were not up for high impact rides (I'm scared alright), we joined the little kids for all the kiddy rides! *laughs*

Magic Swing
Sky Dancing

By the time we were done with our last ride, we were all so tired we were pretty much ready to leave. At 6pm.. even though the park only closes at 9pm.

Secret Garden

If you're able to stay till the evening, there are fireworks when the sky turned dark! We weren't able to stay as we wanted to catch the bus back because we were afraid that we will be stranded there in the middle of nowhere at night if we missed the last bus.

The verdict? Better than Universal Studios Singapore but not as good as Disneyland LA (I mean c'mon, it IS Disneyland, that's kinda hard to beat). My personal gripe is that the large Ferris Wheel in the park was only for decoration and totally not functional. And I was sooo looking forward to it =(

Anyway, to get back to Seoul, take the free shuttle bus to the bus terminal from the bus stop with the sign that states "4,5 Parking Lot & Public Bus Terminal".

Shuttle Bus to the Pubic Bus Terminal

Please remember to check that you boarded the right bus as we took the wrong bus to the wrong parking lot (if you must know, we took the bus to 1,2 Parking Lot) and ended up having to take the bus back to Everland to board the right bus. Wasted a lot of time -_-

At the Public Bus Terminal, board Bus #5002 back to the bus stop outside of "WHO.A.U" at Gangnam Station (same bus stop that you took the bus from) so remember to look out for the store on your right in order to know when to stop.

We decided to pop by Paris Croissant to get our breakfast for the next morning. The macarons were cheap and awesome! =)

Bread and such from Paris Croissant

By the time we were back at our hotel, it was already 9pm! We decided to end the night with a good ole hotpot on this chilly night.

Cheap and good restaurant across the street that also offered BBQ as well as hotpot
Super spicy hotpot

We already ate 2 nights worth of BBQ beef and pork so the hotpot was a refreshing change. The meat was really tender and the soup was spicy and full of flavour. Their traditional Korean rice in a stone-pot was also to die for! It was one of my mum's favourite food of the trip =)

By the time we were back to our hotel, all of us were so tired we collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep till morning!

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