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Tokyo Day 5 (Part 2): Disney Ambassador Hotel

To get to Disney Ambassador Hotel, we boarded the complimentary shuttle Disney Resort Cruiser, which is provided between the Disney Ambassador Hotel and the Disney Parks for hotel guests only.

Disney Resort Cruiser
Anti-clockwise from top left: Sign above the door;
Mickey bus grab handles! Sooo cute!;
Girl quickly grabbed the solo seat.

To be honest, I had wanted to book Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (which I did for our final night in Tokyo! Woohoo! More on that later..). Long story short, I got the timing wrong so by the time I wanted to book, it was all fully booked (to avoid my mistake, check out my tips on how to secure your room booking here). We had little choice but to settle for the Disney Ambassador Hotel, which is still ok considering that it's still one of the Disney Hotels (learn more about the benefits of Disney Hotels here).

Roof of the Disney Ambassador Hotel lobby
So cute right?
Checking in at the Front Desk at 3pm

Don't forget to check that you have received your Happy 15 Entry pass, which allows you to enter the park 15 minutes before the park opens. This privilege is only available for Disney Hotel Guests so take full advantage of it!

Kids watching Disney cartoons (in Japanese though) while waiting

We waited at the lobby until my name was called, after which a staff brought us personally to our room with all of our luggage.

Opening the door to our room

I booked the Standard Floor Superior Room for 4 adults. It cost us ¥71,557 (approximately S$815) per room per night because it was the super peak period (will be cheaper on other periods). Yes, we know it's not cheap but for the experience and the perks, it was worth it to me! =)

Standard Floor Superior Room for 4 persons
Clockwise from left: Cups and electric kettle;
Three super single beds that can sleep one adult and one child on each bed;
Sofa converted into a bed.
Left: Toilet decorated with Mickey elements;
Right: Good size bathtub.
Clockwise from left: The sink is located between two cubicles (one for the shower and tub, the other for the toilet bowl);
Mirror, mirror on the wall...;
Four cups for four adults, and even a plastic cup for the girl
(which you can bring home by the way!)
Disney-themed toiletries! Super duper cute!!
(Of course I brought all of them home!)
There're also kid-size bedroom slippers with Mickey elements for the kids!
Infinitely cuter than the adult ones...
Personalised key cards for every single member of the family, including the kids!
You'll also get to bring them home as souvenirs when you leave! =)

After we had enough time checking out our room and having cup noodles for dinner, we headed back to Disneyland in hopes of catching the Electrical Parade and Fireworks.

Outfit of the night
(T-shirt was kindly sponsored by Uniqlo Singapore)
The Disney Resort Cruiser at night
(if you look carefully, you can spot a small Santa Mickey figurine at the top of the bus above the signboard)
The signboard which indicated where to queue if you wanted to head to Tokyo Disneyland

We arrived to a very different Disneyland, one that is brilliantly lit at night! So pretty! =)

Night view of the World Bazaar

We didn't get enough of rides in the day so we wanted to make up for it by riding one more at night. We decided that 20 minutes was ok to queue for Star Jets at TOMORROWLAND (will talk more about TOMORROWLAND on the last day of this series).

Star Jets was located 3 storeys  above ground such that when the planes flew, you could almost see the whole of Tokyo Disneyland! Quite a thrilling experience actually =)

Unfortunately, not long after it started to rain so they had to cancel their famous Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights! I was so bummed!! I was soooo looking forward to it after watching a video that the hubby took when he visited LA Disneyland in 2006, almost a decade ago *sob*

It is in Disney's SOP to never disappoint their guests so although they couldn't do their usual electrical parade, they did an alternative parade with the characters on well-sheltered but equally brightly lit floats.

Left: Cinderella's castle looks even more magical at night!;
Right: The "rainy-day-back-up" parade, still beautiful though! *Waves frantically to Minnie*
Say hello to Belle, Jasmine and Cinderella (Belle is waving at us)!
Finally we get to meet Cinderella, who wasn't present at the Christmas parade earlier today.

The rain got heavier and heavier! Baby Boy started to whine miserably, which made us even more gloomy and depressed. We decided to head indoors to the nearest restaurant, which happened to be Tomorrowland Terrace. Since we had nothing much to do while waiting for the fireworks, which we were afraid will be cancelled as well, we had something to eat to cheer ourselves up.

Clockwise from top left: Tomorrowland Terrace;
A burger in the shape of Mickey! Super duper cute!;
Even the nuggets are Mickey-shaped!;
Super cute boxes that the burgers came in.
The full meal that we bought

I kept looking at my watch phone while we ate, half praying that we would still be able to catch the fireworks. As usual, despite the pouring rain, Disney refused to deny their guests from having their dreams come true and presented a 5-10 minute, albeit abridged version of the fireworks! Yay!

Beautiful fireworks that lit the night sky above Cinderella''s castle

Sure, it wasn't the full fireworks with Tinkerbell, Cinderella and all, which was terribly disappointing *sigh*. But it's ok, at least it was better than nothing. Plus, it gives me more reasons to plan another trip to Disneyland (I'm already planning my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in October in hopes to catch the full fireworks! Wish me luck!).

After the fireworks, we stayed on to catch the Once Upon a Time show at Cinderella's castle (under umbrellas no less). Unfortunately, we picked a wrong spot and ended up watching it with a big castle pillar blocking our view. I didn't want to move because we might end up missing the whole thing (plus it wasn't easy to see through all the umbrellas) so we stayed on.

Once Upon a Time light show
Pretty effects! The girl was so mesmerized, even though we could hardly see anything!

In any case, it was a spectacular show and I highly recommend it! If you do watch though, the best spot to watch it will be somewhere between the World Bazaar and Cinderella's castle. Do note that they don't allow people to enter the central viewing area directly in front of the castle unless you are given a special pass (which is given out randomly if I'm not wrong).

It's too bad that we will be leaving in the evening of our final day in Tokyo Disneyland and hence will not have the chance to catch the electrical parade or light show! *sigh*

Well, like I said, there is always next time!

Hopefully it will be a better day tomorrow at Tokyo DisneySea! (God, please don't let it rain!). Looking forward!

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