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Tokyo Day 6 (Part 2): Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Much as we were reluctant to leave DisneySea, we were also extremely excited to check in at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel!

We took the Disney Resort Line monorail, which was complimentary only for guests of the 3 official Disney Hotels. We collected our complimentary passes at Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Centre when we arrived.

Disney Resort Line
Waiting for the train, which was arriving soon

I was really excited to see that the Disney Resort Line was completely decorated with Mickey! Sooo cool!

I was in a fun Christmas Mickey spirit! 🀭😝
With mum and hubby

We alighted at Tokyo Disneyland Station, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

We have arrived! Yay!
Exterior of Tokyo Disneyland Station at night

As we were walking to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, the girl exclaimed dramatically (she got that from her mother obviously), "are we staying here?!? Reaaally?! I can't believe it!!!!"

You can't really blame her! =)

The magnificent Tokyo Disneyland Hotel at night
Princess going home to her castle! ;P
Left: Girl shouted, "Mummy, mummy! Take photo of me!";
Right: The welcome stairway, with luxurious Mickey and Minnie shaped plants!

Suffice to say, impressed would be an understatement to describe Tokyo Disneyland Hotel!

The hubby grumbled that we should have stayed two nights at this hotel instead of one night at the Disney Ambassador Hotel. That was the original plan but I couldn't book it (to avoid my mistake, check out my tips on securing your room booking here). Oh well, one night here is better than none!

Luxurious lobby with high ceilings and elaborate chandeliers
Intricate carousels decorated the seats where we waited
Clockwise from left: A full size doll house in the lobby which featured different Disney movies in the rooms;
Aladdin and Alice in the Wonderland themed bedrooms;
Snow White themed bedroom.
Left: Cinderella themed entertainment room;
Right: 101 Dalmatian and Beauty and the Beast themed kitchen
(My girl was actually the one who noticed the Beauty and the Beast elements! I was distracted by the dalmatians haha)
Mickey Mouse and friends themed kids play room
(notice the miniature doll house within the dollhouse!)
European style fountain in the centre of the main lobby
With Mickey and Minnie statues
The front entrance of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
The Bell Desk was important for dropping off your luggage and booking airport transfers

There're Disney Characters incorporated in almost everything in this hotel! So much so, you can even play the "How many Mickeys can you spot?" game with your kids!

A Mickey spotted in the carpet! =)
As usual, the kids get to watch Disney movies on TV while waiting for our room to be ready (spot Minnie on the TV cabinet)
Managed to find a big portrait of Cinderella along one of the corridors leading from the main lobby

After checking in at the front desk, we made our way to our room.

Taking the lift, which has a retro luxurious feel to it!
We love taking the only external lift in the hotel which allows you to look outside and see the chandeliers
(These photos were taken in the day so you can see more clearly)

We were all excited to see our room because I had painstakingly booked the Disney's Beauty and the Beast Room (for 4 adults)! It cost us a staggering ¥90,843 per room per night as it was the super peak period (definitely cost less off-peak)! Many thanks to the hubby and mum who shared the cost of the room with me just to fulfill my Disney dream! Yay! 😁🀩

Nevertheless, there was no question in everyone's minds that the room was worth it for the awesome experience!

Clockwise from left: Girl was more than excited to open the door and check out our room!;
Spotted Minnie on the walls!;
Similar to Disney Ambassador Hotel, we were each given a personalised room key card which we can keep even after we have checked out!
The corridor leading to the room was decorated to look like Belle's library, complete with the famous enchanted objects such as Lumiere and Cogsworth! Soooo cute!
Continuing Belle's library into the dressing table area;
If you look carefully, my girl is sitting on Sultan the enchanted footstool/dog! Love it!
The beautifully decorated bathroom
Clockwise from left: A stool at the bottom of the sink caters to little humans who need extra help to reach the sink;
Typical toiletries packaged into cute little bottles that don't leak! (I know because I brought them home, obviously);
A plastic Mickey cup for my girl! So cute!
The full set of toiletries that were sprinkled with the Mickey magic. So cute right? *laughs*
(We were 4 adults so I greedilyrightly asked for another set of these. Where got enough for 4 persons right?)
The attention to detail was so spectacular that even the bathroom doors have Beauty and the Beast murals on it!
Be sure to switch on the lights for a better effect!
Left: Shower area with stool;
Right: Generous bathtub that was great for warm baths to counter the winter chill.
Left: The drink preparation area is decorated with photos from Beauty and the Beast;
Right: The TV console reminds me of Belle's enchanted wardrobe!

If you thought that was amazing, you should see the beds!

Three super-single beds that are spacious enough to sleep 1 adult and 1 child per bed!
This room could easily accommodate two families with 4 adults and 4 kids so you could possibly share the room with another family so as to share the cost as well =)
So in love with the beds!
Girl pretending to read a book just like Belle!
Left: Girl on one of the side tables;
Right: Girl kissing Beast's red rose
The hotel does not provide a cot but they do provide a bed rail to prevent your child from falling off the bed
Sofa converted into a bed, just nice for an adult or older child
Clockwise from left: Looks just like the Beauty and and the Beast arm chair;
A portrait of Belle dancing with the Beast on the wall;
Me wearing the complimentary Mickey bedroom slippers
(Similar to Disney Ambassador Hotel, we were given 4 pairs of adult and 2 pairs of kid bedroom slippers, all with Mickey designs on them!)
Left: A nice corner for family to eat and chit-chat;
Right: Taking the usual selfie in the mirror.
The lovely view of Tokyo Disneyland from our room window! Beautiful!

Hands down, this was one of the best hotel rooms I had ever experienced! The room was really spacious too and can comfortably accommodate four adults and four kids with no issues. I was happily prancing around the room and humming my favourite Disney tunes! πŸ˜„

My dream of staying in a Disney Character Room had finally come true! This was the best Christmas Eve ever (for now at least *laughs*)!

We loved our room so much that we almost didn't want to return to the parks (I mean, we can technically see the Tokyo Disneyland fireworks from our room, although not very clearly). But curiosity got the better of me and we decided to board the Disney Resort Line again to check out the fireworks at Tokyo DisneySea.

The Christmas spirit is everywhere in Tokyo DisneySea

To be honest, the fireworks was ok but definitely not as good as Tokyo Disneyland in my opinion.

A shot of the fireworks above the Tokyo DisneySea Miracosta Hotel

I was analysing the Tokyo DisneySea map while we were waiting for the fireworks to begin and realised too late that the Tower of Terror accepted single riders (much faster queue)! I told the sister to go for it, since she would be riding alone anyway (none of us liked roller coasters as much as her).

Hence, she left for the ride after the fireworks while we headed to AMERICAN WATERFRONT to check out the S.S. Columbia, a replica of the US Steamship that actually floats on the water. It reminds me of the Titanic!

S.S. Columbia
Clockwise from left: The view of the mast from the deck of the ship's bow;
An emergency float (not sure if it's real or not);
We learnt too late that there was a turtle observatory next to the ship! Too bad we didn't have time to visit it πŸ˜•

There's a very cool restaurant on board the ship that really looks like it came out of the set of Titanic! If you're a Titanic fan, you should really dine in this restaurant!

It started to drizzle soon after so the mum and hubby headed back to the hotel with the kids while I waited for the sister. For some reason, we both got our meeting place wrong so we ended up waiting at two different locations for more than 30 minutes! What a waste of time! 😞

Back at our room, I ended the day with a warm bath before tucking myself into the cosy bed. It was an amazing day! πŸ˜„

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