Thursday 3 March 2016

Baby Boy is Two

It's official.

Baby Boy is now 2 years old!

Celebrating Baby Boy's 2nd birthday last December
He doesn't look like he's impressed with the celebration
(probably exactly like his dad)
Celebrating with his cousins and sister!

For us, it has been a major milestone mainly because, well, Baby Boy can no longer travel on flights as an infant anymore (*sob*)!

This means that:
1) we can't sit at the specially allocated seats for infants, i.e. no more free extra leg room!
2) no more bassinet for Baby Boy to sleep in
3) we now have to pay the more expensive child rate for two kids =(

The silver lining in all of this is that Baby Boy will have his own seat in future, which means that I do not have to carry a load of 12 kg on my lap during take-off, landing and when there is turbulence (it's really no joke especially if it's a long flight).

I know I still call him Baby Boy (should probably come up with another nickname for him for the blog) but he really isn't a baby anymore.

He grew from a tiny little baby to the 12kg running and climbing toddler that he is. He's so tall and towering over other kids his age that the doctor even thought he was a 3 year old.

Baby Boy's Favourite Things:
  • Toy = Car
  • Food = Carrots and whatever other people are currently eating
  • Song = ABC song
  • Person = Grandma (sadly, it's not me because I'm the disciplinarian in the house)

He has so many cars and carparks and roads that it's madness in my house!
He loves them and would play with them everyday
(rotated of course, he can't play with the same thing everyday)
Playing with his Tomica carpark set his grandma got him for his birthday
He enjoys sitting in moving cars too!

Baby Boy's Favourite Activities:
  1. Getting out of the house (doesn't matter where he goes as long as he is out)
  2. Running as fast as he can into dangerous places just so that he can have us chasing him like mad and screaming, "STOP!!!!!" (he finds it hilarious -_-")
  3. Climbing anything and everything he sees (that one is exactly like me)
  4. Riding in his daddy's car (and trying to get out of his carseat no matter how securely we have secured him in)

Attempting this very difficult steps for older kids at the playground and succeeding at it without much assistance
(I was there in case he missed a step though. He is after all only 2)

I'm actually quite impressed with his motor skills. He can do a lot of things that even 4 or 5 year old boys can't or don't dare to do. He can climb up a rock wall for kids faster than even his sister although once he's up there, he doesn't know how to get down.

The only thing is that whatever brain space he has utilised for his motor skills meant a delay in his language skills. Don't get me wrong, he has no problems in communication. He just does it without using words.

To be honest, I was worried initially because my girl started speaking at 1 year old and was speaking in paragraphs by 2 years old. Nowadays I just take it in my stride because every child is different. There are kids who only start talking at 3 or 4 years old and never stopped talking since then! I'm sure my boy will start talking soon and when he does, I will miss these days where he doesn't know how to answer with a snark remark or point out how you're not walking the talk.

Oh Baby Boy, my last baby, how fast you've grown!! Mummy loves you very much!! =)
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