Sunday 16 February 2020

Littlest Girl's First Birthday

We had decided to keep the littlest girl's first birthday small (just for family) even before the COVID-19 crisis hit. After all the parties we had thrown for the kids last year, it was time to keep it simple so we can rest (anyway baby girl doesn't have that many friends yet).

Her birthday was on a Monday so we celebrated on her actual birthday first before her birthday party on Sunday.

Kids all excited to celebrate their mei mei's birthday
Littlest girl is so lucky to have two older siblings who adore her! 😍❤️

Simple cakes, one for each kid

She knows instinctively that it is a special day and loves all the attention showered on her!

That Sunday, we invited all the immediate family over to our house for a popiah party!

The birthday girl happened to be taking her nap when the guests arrived so everyone showered their attention on another baby instead: Baby Cousin E! ❤️

Baby Cousin E thought it was her birthday! πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Finally the birthday girl awoke and smiled at everyone. The theme of her birthday was pink and yellow so of course I couldn't resist dressing her in a pink tutu and bright pink t-shirt.

Not the birthday girl (left) and the cheerful birthday girl (right)

We got her a simple cake from Swensons. It's an ice-cream cake!

Simple cake for my beloved baby princess

Family photos!

With the bigger family, including my dad who was back in Singapore! 😁

Baby girl raiding her loot!

Thanks everyone for the blessings and your presence and presents!

Happy 1st birthday to my darling baby girl! You are a chilli padi who is doted on by everyone you meet. We ❤️ you!


Past Birthday Parties:
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