Sunday 1 March 2020

Breastfeeding Baby #3: The 12th Month

Reaching the 12th month mark is a significant milestone for all mothers who breastfeed exclusively! Definitely want to celebrate even though this is my 3rd time reaching this milestone 😂

Breastfeeding this baby hasn't always been smooth despite my years of experience with breastfeeding. My period came back around the time when the littlest baby girl was 9 months old. This definitely affected my mood and milk supply.

When my baby was around 10 months old, my supply started to drop to about 160ml every pump. I suspected that it was probably because the baby is less dependent on milk and eating solid food.

However, my baby probably noticed the drop in supply so when she turned 11 months old, she suddenly started drinking milk every 1-2 hours at night! I'm guessing it was likely that she had a growth spurt or she was not willing to give up breastfeeding as her main source of food! I'm perpetually tired every morning 😩!

Because of her constant need to latch, my milk supply has increased to 240ml every session! ❤️👏🏻

Latching the littlest baby at home

I'm loving how much my baby has grown and am glad I got to be a big part of it!

When she was 1 day old versus 12 months old with the same giant red packet my BFF made.
What a big difference! She can't even fit into the red packet anymore! 

Learning how to do human things like using the remote control and walking

I'm especially thankful that I'm breastfeeding my baby as the world battles the COVID-19. At least I know that my baby will not be left defenceless with my antibodies.

Ironically, now that baby girl is 12 months old and we do not have to force feed her breast milk from a bottle if she does not want to, she is now ok with drinking from the bottle 🙄

She does not seem to want to give up nursing anytime soon and neither do I 😊 I'm happy to pump twice a day at work and feed on demand as long as she wants me to. I will cherish her babyness for as long as I can! ❤️


This post is part of my series My Breastfeeding Diary, where I document the highs and lows of my breastfeeding journey. 

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