Wednesday 10 February 2021

Littlest Girl's 2nd Birthday at T-Play Khatib

I bought T-Play memberships for the kids the first time we visited T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok because it was really value for money (you can read more about the membership in my previous post).

One of the perks for T-Play members is that they get to play for free on their birthdays. Since it was the Littlest Girl's birthday and we still have free play passes, we brought the kids to check out the new T-Play at HomeTeamNS Khatib.

While T-Play Bukit Batok was decorated with the airport theme, T-Play Khatib followed the Peranakan theme! The play area was also a lot bigger than the playground at Bukit Batok.

The kids were immediately drawn to the Dragon structure, which pays homage to the famous Dragon playground at Toa Payoh. The 'body' of the Dragon structure was made up of elastic bands, which can make it pretty challenging for smaller ones to climb up.

The kids were very determined to get help their baby sister to get through the bands and up the structure, even though it meant that they had to do a lot of heavy lifting! Littlest is so lucky to have a super doting big brother and big sister!

Fortunately, this was not the only way up the structure! There was another block of steps that was connected to the structure by a purple tube which was a lot easier to climb.

If your kids love slides, then they would love this playground! Not only were there at least 5 slides in this playground, the slides were high up and very thrilling for the kids! My Eldest Girl said that it was 'really really fast!' and I tried one of them myself and can attest to it as well! 😁

Similar to other indoor playgrounds, there was a toddler area meant for the younger ones with smaller slides and a ball pit.

I noticed that many of the older kids loved the trampoline because unlike other indoor playgrounds, this trampoline has a game attached to it. Hence instead of just mindlessly jumping, the kids could challenge themselves by hitting the buttons on the wall and getting a score at the end.

The kids also loved the ball shooting range. The Littlest would spend a lot of time in there putting balls into the air vents while the older kids shot the balls out of air guns.

Amenities in this playground include dedicated rooms for hosting birthday parties, a small area for parents, toilets and a decent size nursing room.

The only downside to this playground is the lack of space for parents to sit. There were only 4 tables, which meant that the husband and I had to sit on the floor. Other than that, the kids had a blast!

At the end of their play session, the hubby suggested having an early dinner at the famous Orchid Live Seafood, who had an outlet at Level 3 of HomeTeamNS Khatib. They were most famous for their live lobsters!

It was the Littlest's birthday but I think the rest of us enjoyed the dinner more than her! 🤭 The signature lobster porridge was so delicious! The broth was very flavourful and the lobster was fresh and succulent!

After a satisfying dinner, we headed home for part 2 of the celebrations.

I had some party decorations I had bought that weren't being used so I decided to use it for her birthday.

The Littlest Girl's favourite food is ikura/salmon roe, hence the Daddy suggested putting them on the cake. This Mummy then suggested using them to form the shape of a 'J' rather than scattering it randomly. Thus, the unique cake design was born! 😁

You can't tell from the photos (because my girl is not a big fan of taking photos) but my girl really loves celebrating her birthday (or anyone else's for that matter).



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