Sunday 13 December 2020

Mum's Birthday Staycation at JW Marriott

My mum was quite disappointed that we couldn't travel this year so we booked another staycation for her to celebrate her birthday. 

To ensure that she was not disappointed, we booked both JW Marriott and Pan Pacific just in case either one of them cancelled our bookings last minute (our bookings for either could be cancelled nearer the date without penalty). 

It was a good thing we had 2 bookings because JW Marriott almost cancelled on us but told us a few weeks before the staycation that they were able to process our booking. After much discussion, the family decided to go with JW Marriott instead of Pan Pacific because our room at the former was a suite and the club allowed children until 7pm.

Left: JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach;
Right: The underground carpark can be quite confusing to navigate. Park at the wrong lobby and you might get a lift that may not reach the hotel entrance. Do check the maps outside lift lobbies before taking the lifts. 

We had to walk quite a distance to the lobby because the usual lifts that brought you directly to the hotel were closed due to the need to screen all visitors due to COVID-19.

When we arrived at the lobby at around 2.15-2.30pm, there was already a long queue at the front desk. I wasn't that surprised given that it was 2 weeks before Christmas. However, I was surprised that they took a long time to process our check in. Unlike other hotels like Shangri-La Hotel (read about our experience here) and Fullerton Hotel (read about our experience here), the checking in process was not digitalised or coordinated efficiently. I felt that more could definitely be done to improve it. Having said that, given that other guests complained of wait times of up to 6 hours that weekend at other hotels, we were very grateful to have only waited for 1 hour. 

Selfies at the lobby

Our Club Premier Room was ready but our Club Deluxe Suite wasn't. Front Desk advised us to put our luggage in the Premier Room and head for our Afternoon Tea at the Club Lounge while waiting. 

Savoury and sweet Afternoon Tea stack
Clockwise from left: My boy loved his hot chocolate (he loves basically anything with chocolate in it);
Different sandwiches, but our favourite was Otah!;
Various dessert and tarts that I don't particularly like. 
Probably the best plate of the stack;
My littlest girl loves the orange cake, eldest liked the red velvet and I liked the freshly baked scones! 

If there wasn't any comparison, I would have thought the Afternoon Tea was ok. However, I felt it wasn't as good as our Afternoon Tea experience at Fullerton. I suspect it was because there were no chocolate desserts at all! The chocoholic in me was quite disappointed. 

We waited for a long time but there were no news from Front Desk despite being promised that they will inform us at the lounge when our room was available. The hubby made his way to the Front Desk to enquire the status of our suite and was finally given the keys. 

We could finally head to our suite! Take a virtual tour on my Instagram video:

Of all our staycations this year, this was our biggest and best room so far! Perfect for our relatively large family! 

Good size sitting area
There are 2 closets and toilets in this suite, these being one of them and nearest to the main door 
Left: Good size kitchenette with Nespresso machine, refrigerator, plates and cups;
Right: Complimentary chocolate! 
Long corridor to the bedroom and 2nd bathroom and closet. Kids loved running up and down this corridor and even sprawled out on the floor doing their colouring πŸ˜…
The best thing about the suite was the huge bathroom! 
Generous size bathtub with a decent view
(it's a view of neighbouring buildings and not the sea but a view nonetheless) 
Lighting is great for some Insta-worthy photos 🀭
Shower area with rain shower
Left: Toiletries in the drawers;
Right: The 2nd closet with a safe and bathrobes. 
Big king bed with a great view of the nearby buildings
The hotel provided us with a cot that we requested
The TV is mounted on a stand that blocks as little of the view as possible
The view from our bedroom;
We can see a little bit of the sea and the Singapore Flyer. 
Clockwise from left: Selfie with my mum, the star of the day!;
Huge sofa that can fit one of my kids!;
More selfies. 

The kids couldn't wait to jump into the bathtub once it is filled with water! 

Baby girl was really enjoying the bathtub and the view! 
My boy may love the bathtub even more than the pool because the water temperature is always just right 😁

Our club rooms also came with Evening Canepes at the Club Lounge, the hubby's highlight as usual 😁

Evening Canepes
Smoked salmon was the winner of the lot! 

Hubby said the wine was definitely better than Fullerton Hotel!🍷

It was dark by the time we were done with our Evening CanapΓ©s. The night view from our suite was really lovely too! 

Left: View of the surrounding buildings lighted up at night;
Right: My littlest enjoyed watching the lighted up fountain just below our room.
A selfie with the cheerful girls πŸ₯°

The light bites at the Club Lounge wasn't enough to fill our stomachs; we ordered additional Grab Food for dinner. 

Dinner at our sitting area

We also informed the hotel that it was mum's birthday and they kindly sent a birthday cake to each of our rooms! 

Birthday cake in a very unique box
Left: No candle, had to make do with a virtual one haha 🀭;
Right: the 2 December babies of the family! 

We ended the night in the bath with a bath bomb from the sister for my very atas eldest girl. She really knows how to enjoy life! 

Bath bomb from Lush

The sofa in the sitting room can be converted into a bed to accommodate children!

Watching TV from the sofa bed

Everyone was asleep by midnight, except for this little one. As she took a nap in the evening, she was wide awake till about 1.30am at night! 😡

Rolling around in her baby cot before she finally dozed off

The next morning, we woke up early for our breakfast slot at 8am. Breakfast was served at Beach Road Kitchen in the next building opposite the main hotel. 

Beach Road Kitchen
Clockwise from left: Kids meal pancakes;
Yummy chocolate croissant! Finally something chocolate!;
Butter croissant and chocolate muffin πŸ˜‹
Kids meal scrambled eggs and bacon
My eggs benedict

JW Marriott only allows each person to order one main per person, which was rather limited (or rather stingy) in my point of view given that we were used to ordering as many food as we wanted at other hotels. Other than that, I thought the food was decent but of course, not as good as Fullerton Hotel (the breakfast at Fullerton Hotel is still the winner for us!). 

After breakfast we headed to the pool for a swim! There were 2 pools at JW Marriott but the one on the 18th floor was fully booked. Thankfully the hotel was able to book a slot for us on the 6th floor pool but it was only for 2A1C. However, when we arrived at the pool, it was very empty (people probably didn't make use of their allocated time slots) hence more of us could swim at the pool! 

Excited to jump into the pool! 
Lovely poolside chairs
Shallow and deep end of the long pool
My littlest girl is so at home at the pool!
Pretty soon she wouldn't need her arm floats 😊
Lounge chairs at the shallow end
Love the view of the CBD and the War Memorial Park

And with that, we end our staycation! So thankful for a great time together as a family! Looking forward to the next family staycation! 😊


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