Monday 14 December 2020

Future World at ArtScience Museum

After seeing all the beautiful photos posted by my friends on Social Media, I made a mental note to bring the kids to visit the ArtScience Museum this school holiday. Then the government announced that we would be given $100 SingapoRediscovers vouchers! I knew immediately that I wanted to use my vouchers for the tickets. After utilising my vouchers, we only paid $6 for 2A2C tickets to the FutureWorld exhibition (we booked the tickets directly via the ArtScience Museum website). As we had a toddler with us, we felt that it was more feasible/manageable for us to visit only one exhibition. We chose FutureWorld, because it was the most interactive for the kids! 

When we arrived at our chosen time-slot of 3.30pm, there was already a long queue. Although it was a Monday and supposedly off-peak, it was also the year end school holidays and people were clearing leave. We waited for about 30-45 minutes before we were finally allowed into the exhibition. 

We were taken into a very interactive space full of colour and wonder! Everything moves and flows around you, and the neon lines on the floor and the waterfall actually split up when it hits you! So beautiful!
My littlest girl loved the interactive waterfall so much that she didn't want to leave! She enjoyed seeing the lines move when she stood in its path. I had to drag her to the next part of the exhibition! ๐Ÿ˜…

The kids saw a huge slide in the next room but no one was allowed to slide on it. The kids were so sad ☹️
Instead, we queued for the interactive exhibits held in a dark room targeted at children. Everyone has to sanitise our hands before entering each exhibition, which gives you a little bit of reassurance of some protection. 

The kids ran towards A Table Where Little People Live, which is a very interactive table for little ones. The table was short enough that even my littlest can interact with this art installation on her own with minimal help from us. They really love this table!

The kids also love the Sketch Piston - Playing Music. My kids were very attracted by the colours and sounds of this installation. Personally, I loved the beautiful colours! 
We could have stayed in this room for a longer time but to be considerate to the other people waiting in the queue, we encouraged the kids to move on to the next exhibit. 

We went to queue for the Giant Connecting Block Town installation. While waiting in the queue, we had fun taking pictures of the beautiful surrounding art and the Sketch Aquarium. 
The Giant Connecting Block Town installation was meant to allow you to design your own city by moving the blocks and creating rivers and roads. 

But kids being kids, this was how they decided to play in the space since there were no instructions from the staff to do otherwise.
The staff then scolded the kids for jumping and playing with the installation and finally explained how they were supposed to be used. Personally, we felt that you can't blame the kids for playing because that's what kids do. Perhaps it would be good to get instructions right at the beginning on what they were supposed to do. 
When the eldest finally knew how to create her town, she found it interesting and fun. The other two however, were contented with playing their own way ๐Ÿ˜…

We moved on to the Sketch Aquarium, where visitors could draw beautiful pictures of sea creatures, scan them and see them live on the screen (the kids have done this before at KidsSTOP / Singapore Science Centre). There was already a very long queue for the main exhibition hence the staff directed us to a separate room where you can do the same thing, just projected to a less 'pretty' aquarium. We didn't mind because we still got to do the activity without having to wait.


We moved on to the next part of the exhibition, Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses, which allows you to create your own hopscotch design on a touch screen and then you can play on it.
The place was lighted up with beautiful lights that draw you into the space.
Sketch Town, a large interactive screen similar to the Sketch Aquarium, had a Christmas theme because it was the Christmas season!
You can choose whether you wanted to colour the Santa and his sleigh, cars/trucks or buildings. The kids chose to colour Santa and his sleigh.
The kids enjoyed scanning their masterpieces into the scanner and seeing them move on the screen! The boy was so excited, he also coloured a van to see it move in the city that was a replica of the Marina Bay!
The kids also enjoyed playing with lighted balls at Light Ball Orchestra. The kids had to queue for the activity while the littlest could play in the Toddler area without needing to queue. The littlest girl loved the colourful and brightly lit balls! She had so much fun!

Finally, we also interacted with yet another large interactive screen which transforms into beautiful pictures every time you touch a hieroglyph symbol.

Our last activity was the Crystal Universe, a sparkly bright installation of more than 170,000 LED lights that give you an illusion of moving in space! I love this installation! The lights made photography here that much better! You got to see it to fully experience it though.

Overall, we really enjoyed FutureWorld! I definitely highly recommend a visit if you haven't already done so =)


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