Thursday 17 December 2020

HomeTeamNS Clip 'N Climb & Adventure HQ

My ex-colleague turned BFF is a rock climbing enthusiast who is constantly asking me to join her. So when my eldest girl expressed interest to try rock climbing, there's no one else I would ask to be our guide and teacher 😁

[Clip 'N Climb @ Our Tampines Hub]

For a good and less intimidating experience for beginners like us, the Pro suggested that we try Clip 'N Climb at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub

As a Westie, this was first time I'm visiting Tampines Hub. It was so big! 

We were greeted by super colourful and fun rock walls on entering the Clip 'N Climb area. The staff taught us how to wear our harnesses and how to clip our harnesses to the auto belay before climbing. 

I thought the girl will have more issues with climbing than me but it turns out that she was a lot braver than I am! Although she was initially apprehensive of letting go of the wall to drop down, she was able to do it easily after her first drop. Of course, it helps that we have a pro to guide us as well 😁

To be honest, I was more afraid of heights than I thought I would be! I used to be way more adventurous than this! Maybe age has really caught up with me... I am older and less agile than before! *laughs* 

But well, I tried most of the walls and liked that it was easy enough for beginners like us but also had the element of difficulty for pros like the BFF.

Overall, we had a great time! The girl kept saying that she wanted to go rock climbing again. 

[Adventure HQ @ HomeTeamNS Khatib]

Since the girl wanted to go rock climbing again and Adventure HQ just opened in the spanking new HometeamNS Khatib. As it is new and has the biggest indoor multi-adventure course in Singapore, it is very popular. Hence, we didn't manage to book the preferred afternoon slot on a Thursday as it was the School Holiday. Instead, we decided to go with the evening slot at 6 - 9.30pm. 

When we arrived, we were awed by just how big the Adventure HQ was! It was like a huge playground for big kids! 
Everyone gathered in an air-conditioned room to have a briefing before we were tasked to do different activities so as to ensure that we didn't all crowd together. 
We were asked to start with the Sky Venture ropes course. Standing at 15m above ground, this 2-tiered ropes course is quite a challenge, especially for beginners like us. 
We were taught how to put on the full body harness before receiving a safety briefing from the staff. 
Since I brought my BFF, the girl got to bring her BFF as well 😊
We queued up and took turns to be hooked up to the ropes course.
The girls were really good and mostly unfazed by all the obstacles. The only obstacle that proved to be too challenging for my girl was the one with hanging tires as it required relatively long legs to maneuver across. She almost got stuck but managed to make it across with the help of the staff. 
Personally, I was proud to have tried half of the obstacles and managed to overcome my fear of falling. 
The girls declared this to be the best thing in Adventure HQ! 😊

Next we went down the Fireman Slide, the longest slide in Singapore at 4.5 storeys high! 
Of course, due to gravity, the heavier you are, the faster you go. This is probably the reason why I had the most fun on the slide! 😁

We proceeded on to the Adventure Trail, which is basically an upsized playground for big kids! 
If you are like me, who loves playgrounds no matter how old you are, then you will love this big playground just for big kids like us! 😁

Next, we proceeded to Fossil Labyrinth, the first indoor artificial caving in Singapore. The aim of this activity is to give you a glimpse of the caving experience without the risks. 
As the only one with actual caving experience among us, the BFF was quick to point out that an actual cave is a lot wetter and rockier than this artificial one. Nevertheless, it was still fun trying to find out way around in total darkness. If you're claustrophobic, I suggest that you skip this activity as it was really dark inside and there was very little space to move around. 

The girls wanted to try the Ninja Course next, so I decided to give myself a break and watch them try out the course. 
There were also Boulder and Rock Climbing walls but we were more interested in the fun Urban Climb walls mostly meant for the average climber. 
We put on our harness and learnt how to hook ourselves to the auto belay system. 
The auto belay system here was a lot easier to hook on and off as compared to Clip 'N Climb! It was a breeze to hook on and climb! 
My girl enjoyed climbing all the walls, even though she didn't always make it to the top of every wall. I think it's fine because the most important thing is to have tried your best! 

We were exhausted by 9pm and decided that we had had enough 😅

If you're planning to visit and bring your kids, do note that there is a minimum height of 1.25m required for Adventure HQ. If your child is too short, he/she will find it hard to navigate the ropes course, ninja course and some of the rock climbing walls. 


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