Friday 17 June 2016

KidsSTOP Oceans' Buddies

Despite living only 10 minutes to the Science Centre, we had never been to KidsSTOP till now. Well, better now than never! =)

Looks like a really cool and fun place!

We made our first stop at the newest attraction at KidsSTOP, Oceans' Buddies!

Do note the timings of the two sessions.
I personally feel that there are too few sessions. They should have at least two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon to accommodate the crowds on weekends.
The big screen which mimicks a big aquarium
Colouring their fish with special erasable Pilot markers
Close up of the coloring paper
Choosing the coloured marker
(even the boy joined in)
Girl's masterpiece!
Then it's off to scan it so that it will come to "life" on the screen!

Here's a tip: make sure you colour the whole fish in a colour that will stand out so that you can easily spot it on the screen. We could easily spot my girl's fish but couldn't make out my boy's fish no matter how hard I looked!

We spotted hers right away due to the unique colour combination! So cool right? =)

The nice thing about erasable markers is that the ink can be erased and the paper reused again for at least 5 times!

Erasing the ink to recycle the paper and save trees!

I thought it was way cool! The kids however, although it was fun for them while it lasted, was far more interested in the rest of the huge playground. Can't really blame them!

Supermarket where you can learn the names of different food
Choosing her ingredients and paying for them at the counter
After buying your ingredients, you proceed to the kitchen next door to cook delicious food

Compared to other indoor playgrounds, KidsSTOP has a nice learning element to it. It's not just playing for the sake of playing; the kids get to learn about science too. They also get to pretend to be pilots, paleontologist and builders so if you find Kidzania too expensive, this is an awesome, cheaper alternative.

Pretending to be a pilot of a rocket ship!
Pretending to be a pilot of a plane, with accompanying uniforms as well! =)
Kids to control, kids to control, we are ready for takeoff
Typhoon Simulator gives you an idea of what being in a typhoon feels like
You can also be Bob the Builder! =)
Or a mad scientist finding out the movement of a ball influenced by gravity
Or maybe you'll prefer to learn about the four seasons
Or how the plants grow on the ground
You can also be a Paleontologist, digging for dinosaur bones in the sand

There's also a very interactive section where the kids get to learn about their body.

This interactive screen will match the skeleton, muscles and even the digestive system to your body such that you'd think that it is real! Very cool! =)
Pretending to be doctors and learning about the different organs of our body

In general, socks is not a compulsory requirement in KidsSTOP. However, certain areas require socks otherwise you will not be able to enter it (such as the Dream Climber below). Hence, don't forget to bring your socks!

Dream Climber, the largest climbing structure in KidsSTOP.
It's so large that you can climb from the first floor to the second floor in it!
Climbing higher and higher!

Adults are allowed in Dream Climber as long as you're wearing socks. The structure actually leads to the second floor where the music section is located.

Learning about music and sound
The view on the way down

The most thrilling thing in KidsSTOP had to be this 7 metres high slide for both kids and adults. Unfortunately, neither I nor my girl was keen to try it *laughs*.

Super steep slide!

There's a nice closed-in toddler corner called Small World located next to the slide so if you need a place to "trap" your child for a minute while you catch your breath, this is the place.

Toddler corner filled with foam Lego bricks

If you had thought that that was it, it's not! KidsSTOP is so big that there are more in the back, which is not obvious unless you follow the corridor all the way to the back (head to the baby changing room and you'll see the corridor).

We discovered a room of critters such as fish and a baby chick
There's a kiddie theatre where you can show off your singing skills as well as a mathematics and science corner for you to test your logic and IQ.
Trying to figure out the puzzle, with help from mummy
(this mummy has always been good at puzzles hehe). Each "station" has a different activity and learning point for the kids.
Baby Boy busied himself with Lego Duplo (even though he already has a whole sack of them at home) while the sister learnt about the centre of gravity.

I think we spent more than 3 hours there! The kids loved it so much that I almost had to drag them out because it was time for lunch (and their daddy was outside waiting to pick us).

The cost of a lovely morning of fun and learning? Just $10 (child)/ $5 (adult) on weekends and $5 (child)/ $2 (adult) on weekdays for Singapore citizens and PR (see admission rate for more information)! Seriously so worth it for more than 3 hours of non-stop fun!

And if you don't want to pay, there's a small but free playground at the entrance. Super fun too =)


I really don't mind bringing them back; that is, after I'm done with exploring all the places on my To Bring the Kids list =)


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Disclosure: Complimentary admission was received from KidsSTOP Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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