Friday 10 June 2016

Animal Farm in Singapore

Ever since we moved to the West, the hubby and I had been meaning to bring the kids to the farms at Lim Chu Kang. We used to consider it going to the end of the world when we lived in Tiong Bahru (certainly felt like it) but now that we've moved to the West, the journey to ulu Lim Chu Kang doesn't seem so far anymore. However, despite having stayed in the West for 10 months, we still haven't found time to go (due to the hot weather mainly)!

Hence, when my girl's school said they would be organising a school trip to the Animal Resort Singapore, I thought, "perhaps it is high time we actually visit a farm together!"

So I took my Vesak Day Off-In-Lieu and spent a morning with my girl on her school field trip. I brought Baby Boy along so that the mum-in-law can get the morning off.

Selfie in the bus
(Baby Boy was in an awesome mood)

The bus took us all the way North East to Seletar West Farmway. We have arrived!

Animal Resort
The lady in-charge greeted us and gave the children a brief introduction of the farm and its animals
Cute signs that pointed you in the right direction =)

I forgot to take pictures of the horse but take it from me, there's a very popular one on the farm.

The kids were given food to feed the animals. You are strictly not allowed to bring your own food to feed the animals.

Feeding the fish at the fish pond
Baby Boy takes part too!
Having fun feeding the fish and one super hungry catfish
Girl's teacher was really nice and helped me to take care of my boy as well even though he wasn't one of the students.
The chickens and the ducks
The wandering goose
You can feed them directly if you like but most of us preferred to throw it on the ground
Which attracted all the pigeons!
The female peacock
And the beautiful male peacock
(in the animal kingdom, males have to be pretty because they have something to prove *laughs*)
The rabbit, guinea pig and skinny pig cages
My boy's favourite place to run about
Cute rabbits who were probably freaked out by all the hyperactive kids
They've got so much food to eat that they weren't really interested when we wanted to feed them
Kids touching a baby rabbit

Soon it was time for lunch at Thierry's Chalet where we had Nasi Lemak.

Thierry's Chalet
Waiting for our lunch to be served
(there're 20cent rides in the back to entertain the kids while waiting if you want)

There was also an old-school swing, which the kids enjoyed. Haven't seen one of these  in a long time.


The school had also organised games for the kids including an egg hunt.

"Eggs, eggs, where are you?"

I think the kids had fun. They were all so tired out that by the time we went home, both fell fast asleep on the bus despite the fact that the aircon on the bus was not working (very suay *sigh*).

Fast asleep on the way back

Don't think I'll ever go back to the Animal Resort because it's simply too far for us. It was fun while it lasted though. Can't wait to go check out the farms at Lim Chu Kang!


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