Monday 6 June 2016

Playground at Seletar Mall

It's one of those places that I would never willingly travel to if not because I'm a nursing room review nazi (had not reviewed this nursing room yet) and we happened to be in the area (celebrating a 1st birthday). It's just toooooo far for us!!!

But since we were in the area, we thought we'd pop by Seletar Mall, the most crowded mall when it first opened in a mall-deprived part of Singapore. I've fortunately been living in a neighbourhood that's only 10 minutes to Orchard Road so I kinda forgot what it's like to live in a very ulu neighbourhood (like the Condo I grew up in, which was facing a forest and opposite of a burial cemetery!) so I never fully understood what the fuss was about. In any case, here we were and the first thing we did was check out the rooftop playground.

Playground at Seletar Mall

It's not very big, but the kids had fun anyway.

Climbing up and down the "steps"
You can see that he's enjoying it
Down the stairs
And the slide! Weeee!

For a neighbourhood mall, I thought it was great that they had a playground for the kids. Hopefully every mall will build a playground for kids, then we don't have to hear whining kids go, "are we done yet?!?!" whenever we go shopping!

Won't that be fun? =)


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