Wednesday 1 June 2016

Mum's Day Off (Part 2): Civil Service Club Bukit Batok

After a whole morning and afternoon spent at Go-Go Bambini, you would think that we would have taken it slow for the rest of the day. Not quite, because since I don't always take leave to spend quality time with my kids, I packed the whole day with places that I've always wanted to bring them.

One of those on my Places to Bring My Kids list was the swimming pool at Civil Service Club Bukit Batok, which I had set my eyes on ever since my team had a Christmas barbecue there a couple of years ago. The environment makes you think that you're at a resort; it's really beautiful!

Civil Service Club Bukit Batok

I'm a Civil Service Club member so entry to the pool is free (my girl and mum-in-law are my supplementary members so entry is free for them too). If you're not a member, it's $3 per person per entry (if I didn't remember wrongly).

We headed straight to the kids water playground, which I knew the kids would love!

Kids playground in the pool
Slide and swing
Boy loved climbing up and down the stairs
Since it was a normal weekday, they had the whole pool to themselves
Very fun seesaw that quirts water as you move

If you're too lazy to hang on to the locker key, you can tie your hair with it. The locker only costs 50cents.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone

Besides the playground, there were also a large pool, slides, jacuzzi, a wave pool and even a lazy river! Unfortunately the lazy river and wave pool are only operational after 5pm on weekdays.

Full size pool where swimming lessons are taught
Small slide for kids under 16 years old only
(sad that adults are not allowed to ride it *boo*)
My girl was apprehensive of the drop haha
The lazy river that was not yet operational till 5pm
When we were there on a weekday afternoon, this slide was not in operation as well

Since the big slide was not in operation, we decided to hang out in the jacuzzi instead.

Me and the kids
With their grandma

We stayed patiently till 5pm and lo and behold, the water fountains in the playground were turned on! =)

Water playground in action
Me waiting underneath the water buckets until it's full and I get drenched in water =)

My girl was initially very apprehensive until I coaxed her to go down the slide. Afterwards, it was up and down the slide again and again!

Girl on the slide

The lazy river was in operation too so off we went, without the float!

Waterfalls that only bothered Baby Boy
Weeee.. All you need to do is float. Awesome for those who are too tired out from swimming =)
Splashing fountains

There was also a wave pool which is probably activated every hour like other pools. We didn't stay to catch the next wave (literally) because we didn't have our floats and it was almost time to go.

Wave pool

We headed to shower and guess what? Unlike the public pools, the water is heated! Yay! No cold showers! =)

If your kids still have boundless energy, you can consider continuing at their small indoor playground. It's tiny but can probably occupy your kids for a short while.

Indoor playground

We had to go because the kids and I had a really loooong day! But it was a day off well-spent with my kids. Am definitely planning for more in the month of June; watch this space! =)

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