Monday 23 November 2020

Hubby's Birthday Staycation at Fullerton Hotel

We had actually booked Holiday Inn Orchard for the hubby's staycation (wanted to earn IHG rewards for one night free) but they cancelled our booking one month before as they were still being used by the government as a SHN facility. Hence, I started to search for alternative staycation packages and while many were suitable for the kids, I felt that the Weekday Club Indulgence package at Fullerton Hotel was the most suitable for the hubby (we booked via Klook).

Fullerton Building
Left: Back entrance of Fullerton Hotel;
Right: Some history and background of the Fullerton Building/Hotel

We parked in their underground carpark and had to walk quite a long distance to the hotel via the underpass. On the way, we passes by the Philatelic Store, which was like a mini heritage museum for the general post office.

Philatelic Store at Fullerton
General Post Office
(Photo opportunity!) 

The path to the main lobby was not very wheelchair friendly (or at least, we didn't know where the nearest lift was). We had to carry our luggage and strollers up at least one flight of stairs to get to the lobby. 

We taken to a room to fill up a form stating our particulars and health declaration before being taken to the front desk for check-in. 

Giant Lego structure of the Fullerton Hotel at the front lobby! So cool!
I love that the hotel was so beautifully decorated for the holidays! Christmas lights always make me happy 😊
Left: The kids don't usually have a chance to dress up this year so we jumped on this opportunity to get them to dress up 😜;
Right: Fullerton Kids card; present it to redeem free ice-cream!

After checking in, the Front Desk staff brought us to our room, the Premier Courtyard Room with Club Privileges

King-size bed
TV and study area.
As you can see, the table sticks out in a weird way and our room was missing a chair, which never came even though we asked for it πŸ˜’
Left: Bathrobes and slippers;
Right: Minibar amenities. 
The bathroom is more impressive than the room itself. Very spacious!
Left: Good size bathtub but relatively small shower;
Right: Toiletries and stool in the shower cubicle. The cubicle is already so small, it's a tight squeeze if you want to sit in it. Though if you really need it, at least you have the option of using it. 
The hotel gave the kids a colouring book and a box of crayons each
It provided them with something to do when we were in the room 😊

Our room came with Afternoon Tea and Evening CanapΓ©s at The Straits Club. There is no need to book a slot, it is first come first served. We were early for both and didn't have to queue. 

The Straits Club
Love this beautiful centrepiece!
Fullerton really put in a lot of effort to decorate the whole hotel for Christmas!
As we had 6 people in our family, we sat at 2 separate tables
Left: The menu for Afternoon Tea;
Right: I ordered Earl Grey tea while the kids had hot chocolate. Both were great! 
Clockwise from left: The kids very excited to see their Afternoon Tea stack;
Tart, macaron, chocolate cake and no ya kueh (our personal favourite);
The mini sandwiches.
Lovely scones
(very British)

The boy and I loved the chocolate cake so much that we ordered more of them 😁 You can add on as many of the individual food as you like (don't have to order the whole stack). 

Not long after we started our Afternoon Tea, it started to rain! We couldn't swim during our allocated slot for the day 😞
Rainy view from The Straits Club

Since the kids couldn't swim in the pool, they had fun 'swimming' in the bathtub instead! 

Having fun in the bathtub!
The littlest had the most fun in the tub!

I informed the hotel that it was the hubby's birthday and they kindly sent a cake, albeit a small one. 

Happy birthday to the hubby!! 

We should totally get a battery operated candle for such a time as this! πŸ˜‚

It was time for Evening CanapΓ©s so we headed back to The Straits Club. 

Some club lounges do not allow children during Evening Canepes but not The Straits Club. I found it very family-friendly 😊
Clockwise from left: Our stack of evening canepes;
Yummy chocolate cake (yes again!) and other yummy desserts;
Crunchy Asian snacks.
These little spoon-bites were really nice (except for the cucumber one, which we didn't like) 
Hubby got his wish to have free flow of alcohol on his birthday while I had a mocktail (I don't like to drink alcohol)

I enjoyed our time in the club and would recommend it for the delicious food and drinks 😊

We ordered dinner (via Grab Food) to our room later that day and enjoyed family time together before going to bed early πŸ˜„ 

After a good night's rest, we headed for breakfast at 7.30am to avoid the peak hour breakfast traffic. There was only one other family at the restaurant, which meant better food and service 😊

The breakfast menu

The staff warned me that all the food was full-sized portions but as we were a big family, I was confident that I could order one of everything and we would be able to finish them πŸ˜‹

Clockwise from left: baby girl in her high chair;
Singapore laksa was delicious;
The consistency of the porridge was smooth and the dim sum was nice. 
Yummy nasi lemak that the hubby and mum-in-law loved! 
Left to right: Pancakes that were fluffy and yummy;
Roti prata was not done fresh but tasted good;
Soft-boiled eggs are a must for my boy so we had to order the traditional breakfast for him. 

I'm so glad that we didn't have to choose only one main course because they were all so delicious! I would rate it our best staycation breakfast so far! 

After breakfast, we headed to the pool for our 8.30pm pool slot. Thankfully we managed to secure another pool slot this morning before we checked out. 

Left: I love that the historic building overlooks the pool and serves as a perfect back drop for Instagram-worthy photos!;
Baby girl looks so cute in her bathrobe!
Love taking selfies with the beautiful architecture! 
More photos of the beautiful view from the pool
Love the beautiful surroundings that make for great pictures!
One of our better group selfies πŸ˜„

After our swim, I brought the kids to the hotel's lobby to redeem their free ice-cream and take photos with the lovely Christmas decoration. 

Taking photos with the large Fullerton bears (with masks on too, so cute!) and other Christmas decorations
They each got a cup of chocolate ice-cream. So yummy! Can't go wrong with chocolate! πŸ˜‹
Love this huge Christmas tree made out of bears! So pretty!
Fullerton really went all out with their decorations and you can find beautiful Christmas decor at almost every corner. I love this display at B1, which again is very Instagram-worthy
The kids also enjoyed watching the koi swim around in a pond at B1

It was finally time to check out and before we left, the conceirge kindly took a group photo of us at the lobby! 

Thank you Fullerton for having us 😊

If you are a gastronomer (aka foodie) and love to take photos worthy of Instagram, then a staycation at the Fullerton Hotel is for you. I love how beautiful and architectural the whole hotel is. Every little detail makes me want to take a photo of it to capture its beauty. 

However, if you can afford it, try to book a better room type as the basic room left much to be desired. 


Happy Birthday dear! Hope you enjoyed the celebration with all your darlings surrounding you with a lot of love and blessings 😘

Celebrating the hubby's birthday at my mum's house
The baby girl loves birthdays!


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