Sunday 1 November 2020

Play at Polliwogs Vivocity & Suntec

After seeing how much my kids enjoyed the Sunshine Childhood Playland at Northpoint City, we decided to bring them to another playground that was more familiar to us (and nearer to our place). Polliwogs was one of the first indoor playgrounds to be opened in Phase 2 this year, hence we brought the kids to check out both outlets in Vivocity and Suntec (again, doing our part to support local businesses). 

[Polliwogs VIVOCITY]

We previously visited Polliwogs Vivocity and the playground largely remained the same since then. Only this time, due to COVID-19, I had to pre-book our play slots online. The play time has also changed from unlimited playtime to 2 hours per play slot. Nobody is complaining though; it's better than being cooped at home all day! 

We had to do the usual temperature-taking and ensure that we wore our socks and masks during the visit. 

In the play structure
I hardly ever have to follow the littlest girl into the play structures like I did for my 2 older ones because 1) the littlest girl has way more advanced motor skills than her siblings when they were her age and 2) the older sister is able to take care of her like a mini-me 😂
Left: Climbing the playground confidently;
Right: Rare decent photo of the 3 of them. 
Left: Climbing the mini rock wall;
Right: Baby girl having a lot of fun exploring the playground. 
Left: Mini zipline;
Right: Bouncing on the trampoline. 

One of the highlights of the playground was of course the slides! These slides were pretty high but it did not faze the littlest girl at all! 

She loved the slides but probably loved the balls even more
Left: Playing at the Toddler area;
Right: Loving this station that blew air to make the balls float. My girl was so fascinated! 

The toddler area here was really small and not very engaging for my toddler. She would much rather hang out with the older kids in the bigger playground! Overall the kids said they enjoyed the playground 😊 

[Polliwogs SUNTEC] 

We brought the kids to Polliwogs Suntec because the doting grandma wanted them to play on her birthday. 

Unlike Polliwogs Vivocity, the toddler area here was way more fun and engaging for the toddlers! My littlest girl loved it! 

Exploring the Toddler area
Crawling in and out of the big play structure with a slide. It's padded all around and small enough for toddlers to climb and explore unaided.
Enjoying her climb in and out!
This little 'room' under the slide can only be accessed by the kids
(Well, adults probably can but, fair warning, you're likely going to break your neck)
She really loves slides 😁
This area is great for kids who love to stack things and knock them down. Like my littlest girl 😊

While the littlest enjoyed herself at the Toddler area, the older kids played at the bigger playground at the back. Not that the littlest girl would miss out on the fun though; she joined them too (she is only 1.5 years old but does not behave at all like one)! 

Climbing up the stairs
Climbing everywhere while mummy watches from below
The biggest slide in the playground
Group photo of my 3 kids ♥️
The eldest taking care of the littlest while I take pictures 🤭
Although there were many slides, and my littlest girl does love them, she very much preferred playing with the balls!
Picking my balls and jumping on the trampoline!
The only structure that was too advanced for my littlest girl was this mini obstacle course. The boards were too far away for her little legs 😅

The kids very much preferred the Suntec outlet over the Vivocity outlet. They said it was more fun. I agree 😊

Cousin E's 1st Birthday

Since Polliwogs Suntec had a very nice area for parents to sit and wait for their kids while they played, I thought it was a great place to celebrate our niece's 1st birthday! Even though Cousin E can't have a full 1st birthday party due to the pandemic, at least she can have some nice pictures with her parents 😊

With her older cousins at the parent area.
I love this sitting area, which I knew would look great as a backdrop for photos. 
The proud parents survived their first year!
Happy girl knew it was her special day! 🥳

It was Cousin E's first time at an indoor playground and she is loving it! 

Putting her hands on everything and crawling around!

Overall, the kids had fun but we are not likely to visit again anytime soon cos my kids are easily bored and want to explore other playgrounds 😅

If you are thinking of visiting, the best time to visit is of course on weekdays (it's cheaper and there are lesser people). If you can't and have to visit on a weekend, don't forget to book your visit early. The play slots for weekends are usually sold out so walk-ins are usually not possible. 

Looking forward to explore more playgrounds with the kids 😁


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