Monday 20 July 2020

Sunshine Childhood Playland at Northpoint City

We brought the kids to Northpoint City during one of the long weekends and stumbled upon a newish indoor playground, Sunshine Childhood Playland. After being stuck at home for so long, we were eager to give our kids a chance to play and also support our local businesses. The admission fee was quite reasonable: $10 per child per hour. We thought 1 hour was good enough, as it was my littlest girl's first time at an indoor playground and we were not sure whether she would be able to last more than one hour.

Left: Sunshine Childhood Playland gave each child a free balloon;
Right: Throw the little balls on this interactive screen to play different games! So fun!

We were attracted to the playground because of the ball pit, interactive screen and slides! 

The littlest girl loves the ball pit! 
Littlest played with at the ball pit while the older kids checked out the mini 'city' of shops and cars
Left: the eldest girl is desperately clinging on to her childhood even though she is outgrowing it, as evidenced by this attempt to fit into a Tayo Bus that she knows she can barely fit into 😅;
Right: littlest girl plays with whatever she can find. 
Playing with Duplo on the wall
Littlest girl trying to figure out how to play with these but couldn't 😅
Crawling in the play structures by herself because this mummy has high level of trust in her (and the older sister's) abilities
Going down the colourful slides!

There was also a 'sand' pit area for sensory play. 

The boy loves this area!
The littlest was less pleased that the floor was not flat and even 😅

As the eldest girl only has 2 more years before she will no longer be allowed to play at indoor playgrounds, she's making the most of it by playing as much as she can! 

Crawling around and playing while she still can 😜

The playground is quite small but enough if you only need to occupy your kids for a short period of time. It's also very doable for toddlers like my littlest girl; she managed to last the full hour and took a long nap at the end of the hour! 😜

Let's continue to support local businesses as we weather this COVID storm together! 


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