Sunday 5 December 2010

A Blog on the Lessons on Mothering

Since the birth of my baby girl (who's now 5 months old and weighing at least 9 kg!), I have been a reader of several blogs written by daddy and mummy bloggers eager to share their parenting experience and tips. Being very inspired by them to keep a log of my own experiences and memories, I decided to start a blog to document the growth of my baby girl and the lessons I have learnt in the School of Parenting.

To be honest, it was a long decision making process. I deliberated and hesitated for what seems like a very simple thing! Yes, that's me.. Ms Take-forever-to-decide-whether-to-buy-a-$10-item. To be fair, I really did not want to start a blog only to abandon it after a week. I wanted to be sure I could keep it going for as long as I could. So anyway, to convince myself, I came up with a list of why I should keep a blog:

1) For Memories

I am a follower of Jaime Teo's blog and I remember in one of her posts, she mentioned the amazing power (good or bad) of post-natal amnesia. After just 4 months, she couldn't believe that she is actually the mother of a baby girl. Reflecting on my own experience with my own Baby J, I sometimes feel the same way too! Pregnancy nausea and labour pains seem so far away (well, most of the time anyway). Experts say it's your body's way of coping and nature's way of ensuring that you are motivated to continue to pro-create. Let's face it, some deliveries are so traumatic that if God didn't wire our bodies to 'forget' the experience, no sane woman will put herself through it again!

So, before I go into a total "omg, I love being pregnant, let's do it again" mode, this blog will serve as a nice reminder of what the whole process really entails.

2) For Sharing of Ideas and Experiences

I am a HUGE fan of Baby Blues and in one of their earliest strips, an interesting conversation between Wanda (the mother) and Darryl (the father) went like this:

Wanda (reading from a parenting book): "Wow! According to this, babies learn more in the first year of life than they do the rest of their lives!"
Darryl (thinking back on their lives after baby): "So do parents."

How true! We are suddenly thrown into a world of breastfeeding, burping, learning to interpret the meaning of our baby's cries, bathing, changing diapers, dealing with fever, diaper rash, getting the baby to sleep and so much more! Breastfeeding itself is an art that requires skill like how an ice-skater masters ice-skating. The amount of time I spent reading and reading and reading is infinitely more than what I do in university. It's non-stop hands on learning that you can only get in the University of Motherhood (this explains the theme of my blog by the way). Hence, this blog is a great way to share ideas and experiences between parents or parents-to-be =)

3) For ranting

Every mother has one of those days. When you've had a lack of sleep and you're tired, cranky and irritated, you tend to need to vent your frustrations somewhere. Let's face it, a blog is a better somewhere than your spouse isn't it? Unless the ranting is about your spouse... then well... I guess that's different. =)

That's all the points I got for now. I guess three important reasons is reason enough.

I will be updating this blog on other mothering stuff like breastfeeding, immunisations, solid foods, etc. Oh, and of course more and more absolutely cute and irresistable pictures of my baby girl (which was one of the demands enforced by her Yiyi, my sister).

Keep checking back when you can! Thanks for reading =)
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