Wednesday 8 December 2010

Twice the Paracetamol

After yesterday's vaccination, the nurse sent us home with instructions on how to take care of baby post-vaccination:

1) Feed her 1 dose (5ml) of paracetamol (more commonly known as panadol) on reaching home
2) Feed her another dose of paracetamol 4 hours later if she continues to feel pain in the injected area
3) Wipe her body with a wet cloth
4) Feed her lots of water (or barley, with no sugar!)
5) Stay indoors for a couple of days

Note: You do NOT have to give your baby paracetamol after every injection. Paracetamol should only be given if i) pain is felt in the injected area and ii) baby developes a fever higher than 37.5⁰C.

We decided to feed her paracetamol before she developed a fever only because past experiences told us that the Prevenar injection is more likely to cause a fever than other injections like Hep B. Hence, we knew we had to give her some form of relief even before she started feeling unwell.

Baby girl took well to the medication and we monitored her every hour to make sure she was ok. We stopped giving her the medication after two doses as the instructions state that not more than 4 doses should be given in a span of 24-hours.

However this morning when I carried her, she felt hotter than usual. The temperature on the thermometer read 37.7⁰C! Time for another dose of meds...

Feeding my greedy baby anything is easy. Just place the spoon at her eye level and her mouth automatically opens. Once she tasted the stuff in the spoon on the other hand, she may be less motivated to open her mouth when you show her the spoon again.

After a nice long nap, this was the end result:

I actually have nicer and smiley-er pictures but those pictures were too dark. My camera is spoilt so all I have is my handphone camera, which sucks btw. Time for emergency camera surgery?

Anyway as with all babies, the smiley didn't last for very long. Soon she was all "eeehh eeehhh ehhhhh, ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh!" *face turns into a deep frown and rubs eyes*

It's time for her nap.

Sleeping in her sarong cradle
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